Combination reading


What is a combination reading?


It is a psychic and a medium/mediumship reading in one. I answer all your questions about your future, such as your love life, relationships, work, money, career, children, spiritual development etc. 

I work with your group of spirit guides; they love to connect with you. I will give you all the information they provide me, and of course, you can ask them all your questions. 

They give deep insights about your situation, and they will share details with you, so you know for sure that I have contact. These details are names, personality, how they died, etc. And also information about you and your (future) life.

My office is often packed with deceased loved ones who belong to the person I am speaking to on the phone. 

So don't think you are only talking to me during a reading :-)


Understanding that a reading can be intimidating for some, I am committed to creating a safe and comfortable space for you. Your peace of mind is my priority.

My readings are not just informative; they are also designed to uplift and inspire you. I record the reading for your convenience, ensuring you can revisit the positive insights whenever you need to.

Each reading is tailored to your unique needs, reflecting my commitment to understanding and valuing you.

There is no difference between seeing you in person or talking to you on the phone because I repeat what your group of spirit guides tell me.  


The cost for a comprehensive 30-minute phone reading is $195. Please feel free to order your reading below. I work worldwide.

*First-time callers receive 5 minutes free when purchasing a half-hour reading.

I'll contact you right away to schedule a time, making the process as convenient as possible for you. This flexibility allows you to fit a reading into your busy schedule, ensuring you can access the guidance and inspiration you seek at a time that suits you.


I look forward to talking to you.


Combination Reading


Combination Reading


Psychic & Mediumship Reading.