Contacting Spirit Guides

Does everyone have a Spirit Guide?

The answer is yes. We all have our own main Spirit Guide and many other guides, also known as Guardian Angels. These guides are specifically devoted to watch over us and protect us, thereby steering us in the right direction concerning our personal growth and development. Chosen and recruited with care, specifically for you. They have a number of different roles and communicate with us in various ways to guide us through our path of life. Our Spirit Guides have a greater understanding of our life purpose and help us achieve our goals and growth during our current lifetime on earth. For a better understanding of the different kind of Spirit Guides and how they help us you can read more about Spirit Guides. If you are interested in reading more about the historical background, click here

Finding your personal Spirit Guide

Open yourself up to spirit guidance and build a foundation for spiritual growth. It is a real gift knowing that your Spirit Guide is always by your side. Contacting your Spirit Guide is a natural and smooth process once you are open to it and ready to listen. Training or exercises are not necessary. What is needed is simply an open heart and the willingness to really listen and find the blessings you seek. The process of getting to know your Spirit Guide can be smooth and fun, just like a friendship. Your team of guides is always waiting to support you and connect with you. 

Contacting your Spirit Guide

Your personal Spirit Guide can help and be there for you as much or as little as you want. Ways to contact your guide:

  • Be clear
    You can ask your guide anything. No request will be too big or too small, too weird or too much. But the first step is to ask and make your desires known in a clear way.

  • Ask your Spirit Guide to appear in your dream
    A common way to meet with your Spirit Guide is to ask them to make an appearance in your dream. It is very possible that they have already appeared in your dreams more than once, only you did not recognize him or her. Even though you have missed it before, you might just see them appear sooner than you think once you have asked for it.

  • A physical sign
    Another way to contact with your Spirit Guide is to ask for a physical sign. This can be anything from an object, to an animal, to a symbol. Seeing the sign will give you the reassurance that your Guide heard your call and is with you.

  • Meditation
    One way to contact your guide is during meditation. When you feel completely at ease you can ask your guide to step forward. It is possible to see your guide during meditation, but this will not always work, especially not in the beginning. The first steps are feeling and sensing, and as you evolve meditation skills, you can develop more and more contact with your guide.

There are many more ways to contact your Spirit Guide. These ways can be very personal and tailored to your needs. Remember that Spirit Guides communicate in different ways. Messages may come in the form of thoughts, signs, gut feeling, impressions or vision. They may not always be very clear, so make sure to open yourself to subtle frequencies. Also, the form of the message can be different. You might get a sneak peek in the future, you might get a sudden instinct, or you might feel what is the right thing to do when in doubt.

Book a personal Spirit Guide reading

Connecting and communicating with your Spirit Guide can give you power, hope and direction at times you need it most. It will intensify your spiritual journey. Travel down this new exciting path and let us connect with your Spirit Guide together. Book a personal Spirit Guide reading or read more about the spiritual world on my blog.

My readings are for people who already live a conscious life but sometimes want advice and clarity.

Who want to make contact with a deceased loved one or their Spirit Guides. 



"Amazing readings. You work from your heart. Thank you so much! Love."


- Julia


"Dear Barbara,

I really enjoyed hearing my personal soul script from you! Wow!

I received much validation and confirmation for truths that resonate with me. I will continue to re-listen. Thank you so much for your

loving transmission.

With Love"


- L