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Email Reading Two Questions


Please tell me your age (so I can make a timeline for you), describe the situation in a nutshell and send your questions and a clear and recent photo of yourself facing the camera without sunglasses to:

If your questions pertain to someone else, a clear picture of that person would also be beneficial.

Your photo is treated with the utmost confidentiality and deleted immediately after the reading.

I will send the reading as a recording to your e-mail address. 

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E-mail reading


E-mail reading


Email Reading - Two Questions.

I also offer an extended e-mail reading for $99.

You can ask four questions. Below, you can add your extended e-mail reading to your cart.

Extended Email Reading


Extended Email Reading


Four Questions - Extended Email Reading.

Psychic email reading about love.

These are a few examples of questions you can ask me:

Why do I always attract the same kind of man or woman? 

Will he or she come back to me?

What can I do to find love?

Should I stay in my relationship or go?

How do they feel about me? Do they love me?

Is he or she a soulmate? When and where will I meet my future partner?

Will he or she leave his current partner? Do we have a future together?


When you feel stuck.

Why do I feel stuck or confused? 

You may feel stuck when your heart tells you one thing, and your mind tells you another.

It is not easy for us to see who we are, and we often think pessimistically about who we are.

We often live our lives according to the expectations of others. 

We settle for a situation where much better and more beautiful things often await us.

Your guides can tell you who you are and what is coming for you. We often know exactly who we are, but we frequently don't believe in it (anymore); we have pushed this to the background.

You can start living according to yourself when you hear who you are. You will no longer be satisfied with a partner who isn't a match or a situation you've outgrown. Your choices will be different and in line with who you are.


Psychic email reading about work, career and money.

Some examples of questions you can ask me:

I want to start my own business. Will it be successful?

Should I leave my job?

Which talents do I have?

Am I capable of starting my own business?

I have problems with my boss or colleagues, what should I do?

How can I solve my debts? How can I make more money?

What does my future look like in terms of finances?


Some more examples of questions you can ask:

I can't get along with my bonus children (I like the word 'bonus' more than step-children). What can I do to improve our bond?

My child is highly sensitive; how can I help them deal with this?

How should I deal with my high sensitivity?

My child doesn't want to talk to me anymore. Will this change shortly?

My child cannot choose terms of education; what suits them best?

My child sees and feels spirits in our house. Is this true?

We are trying to sell our house; when will we succeed?