Examples of questions to ask a medium in a reading.

The best questions to ask a medium about a loved one are as follows:


The number one question about deceased loved ones is: How are they doing? Is he or she happy?

I agree; this is the most important thing to know.  


What are the best questions you can ask a medium about a deceased loved one or your Spirit guides?

Can you show me proof and signs that you are still around in spirit?

You can ask what he or she is doing now and how it looks where he/she is.

You can also take it a step further and ask if you have met in previous lifetimes, what your connection was, and what you wanted to learn from each other in this lifetime.

Have they met anyone close to their heart who died before them?

You can ask for their advice. Do you need to pay extra attention to something in your life that you are unaware of?

They often have much more they want to share with you besides your questions. They love to bring up happy memories they shared with or about you.

They see the bigger picture—your entire life, your past, and what's in your future. So make a list before you call a medium, and think about what you want to ask. When you are in contact with a medium, you have direct access to information that can significantly benefit you.


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Sometimes, people ask me if it's allowed to disturb someone deceased? That is a great misunderstanding. When someone dies, they only leave their body behind. That's all. Their soul is still present. And not against their will.


Do you have to wait a long time after someone dies before contact is possible?

When someone has had a very complicated life, they often can't make contact right away because they are in the process of looking back at it—what they did, how they felt, and the decisions and actions that took place. They look at their life frame by frame to understand and learn. They are constantly being helped with this in a very loving and patient way.

Also, it happens sometimes when someone has a long sickbed or a long-lasting addiction; they have to recover from that. It is not their body that needs recovery (they leave it behind on earth) but the emotional side of it. That can also occur when someone dies very suddenly and unexpectedly.

How fast or slow contact can be established varies from person to person. Commonly, spirits can communicate pretty quickly after they have made their transition.


Choose a specific object as a sign from a deceased loved one.

You can always talk to your loved one and pick a specific object. It doesn't matter what it is: a particular flower, an animal, a rainbow; you decide what it is. Then, you say to your deceased loved one that whenever you see this specific object, it's a sign from that spirit that they are around you at that moment.

Trust me, your loved one doesn't care what the object is because it's all about you being aware that he/she can contact you and say to you, 'Look, I did that! I showed you our sign. I only left my body behind but not my soul. I am still here.' It's meant to put a smile on your face—a wink from above.


I have a very dear and close friend. She lost someone who meant everything to her. It was her child, her son. We had so many long conversations over the phone about his death. During our long talks, he was always present and gave much information.

He talked about his previous lifetimes and her role in some of the lifetimes. They were connected in other lifetimes. He spoke of the world we live in and his world. He also talked about why he died. He committed suicide. And also, why did he do this? This information gave my friend more understanding.

His stepfather smells him every now and then. His mother also wanted a sign that he was still around her. So she considered a subject and decided their sign would be an elephant. In the following weeks and months, she saw elephants whenever she didn't expect them—trucks and billboards with elephants on them. A grave caught her attention; from far away, it looked like a big stone. She felt the urge to get closer and, to her immense surprise, saw it was an elephant.

One incident stood out. She was in a church and lit a candle for her son. She was filled with grief, and she was sobbing. She turned around, and she bumped into a man who was standing behind her. She apologized for bumping into him. He didn't mind, and she looked at his T-shirt. It had a massive print of an elephant. She felt goosebumps all over her body because while she lit the candle, she asked her son to please give her a sign that he was still there.


For spirits, it's so easy to give us a sudden feeling and urge to look to our left or right, and then we see the sign. There is no coincidence. Try it for yourself, and you will see that once you have decided what your sign is with your loved one, you will see the signs everywhere. Spirits gave the man with the elephant t-shirt a feeling that he had to lit a candle. Bring him close enough to my friend so she would see the sign on his shirt. The spirits love to orchestrate these encounters. They enjoy them just as much as we do.