Barbara in the media


Self Discovery Mediums with Sara Troy and her guest Barbara Bundel, on air from February 6th


Barbara has used her gift for decades to help people worldwide as an internationally respected psychic medium, as her spirit guides share valuable and indisputable information that she passes along between the spirit world and our own.

Take a look at Sara Troy's website: Self Discovery Wisdom Podcast TV, with so much helpful information about any spiritual topic.

The Other Side Of Midnight with Frank Morano - 77WABC

“The Other Side of Midnight” is live and local radio at its finest, with an emphasis on theater of the mind.

Hosted by Frank Morano, a lifelong New Yorker with an encyclopedic knowledge of local politics and an excessive passion for cheese, Star Trek, cigars and martinis, this show takes you where other radio shows don’t dare to tread.

Listen to the podcast: my interview starts at 14:22 minutes

The Modern Sage Podcast with Leah Guy.

Today on the pod Leah talks with Barbara, a psychic medium, about the happenings at the house, as well as how it works to speak with spirit on the other side.

Full transparency; Barbara did not listen to any of Leah's story about the haunted house thus far. She and Leah did not speak prior to this interview, and have no prior knowledge of one another. This is their first time communicating in any way.

Barbara shares information from her guides about the meaning of Leah's story, the dark energy of the house, where he is now, what is coming up for Leah in her work regarding this story, and reveals where the spirit is now.

Although Leah isn't sharing more of the story today on purpose, more of the story is revealed, so make sure you listen to the previous episodes first! 

Listen to the Podcast Health Interrupted Episode 95, Part 1: Healing From The Other Side. Psychic medium Barbara Bandel. Part I.

And Part 2, episode 96.

I felt sorry for Gina with the editing part because my Spirit Guide, Ben, kept interrupting our conversation with things he wanted to say. :-) 

This is the link to the website of Gina Lombardi and Laura Kaeppeler.

The Odd To Newfoundland is a paranormal podcast that covers all things strange and otherworldly.

If you love hearing about hauntings, aliens, cryptids or just weird stuff/news, then you’ll love this show! 


Episode 288, Psychic Medium Barbara Bandel

Listen to the episode

BIG 98.7 Pike & Amanda In The Morning

Barbara The Medium

We talk to Barbara the Medium who gives Pike and Amanda their fortunes as well as connects with spirits from the other side. Click here to listen.

Please join Dave the Mystic with guest Barbara Bandel. At age seven, Barbara was shocked to learn that not everyone saw, felt, and heard things the way she did. She decided to embrace her sixth sense, using her gift to help people. Click here to listen.


Visit his website for healing and guidance:

Get Over It! Podcast - Monique Chapman

I had a lovely time talking with Monique. Listen to the episode: Become a Psychic Medium.

Intuitive Consultant and Metaphysician Monique Chapman gives accurate information for a better live. Visit her website.


Herbal expert Susan Weed says: Herbal Medicine is People's Medicine: simple, safe, effective. On her Blog Talk Radio show you can bring your curiosity and health questions. Susun will enlighten, surprise, and delight you. She invited me; listen to the broadcast.

Jim Masters TV - YouTube

Celebrity friends and guests from around the world join award-winning TV, Radio, Multimedia Personality, Host, Journalist Jim Masters on this popular, entertainment, lifestyle, talk show series. 

Watch the episode - Unlocking the Mysterious Psychic Powers of Barbara Bandel | The Jim Masters Show

Listen to the Past Lives Podcast - Hosted by Simon Bown

I was honored to be his guest.

If you want a Past Life Regression session with Simon, click here.

Podcast Orbicle Times with Kelly-Jo.

Kelly-Jo witnesses beautiful paranormal events in her life. She talks about it in her podcasts.

'Welcome to Orbicle Times Podcast. Here we will explore the seen, the unseen and the in-between of the supernatural/paranormal phenomena with topics such as Spirit Orbs, NDEs, EBes, UFOs, Time Slips, Mystical Moments, Higher consciousness and more.'


Listen to part 1

Listen to Part 2

Video (18:52 minutes) Barbara explains how to make a deeper connection with your own Spirit Guides. What is a real encounter dream and what's not? Astral travels - do we (our soul) leave our body when we sleep:


Barbara was invited to a morning TV show to talk about 'The end of the world in 2012' and the Maya calendar. What's the difference between a psychic and a medium? What  does it mean that we are now living in the age of Aquarius?

She also gave live psychic readings to other guests.


Due to commercials in this video, I am not allowed to post it on my website.


Barbara during a book signing in a bookstore.

She wrote for every single person a personal message in her book - a personal message from the Spirit Guides.


You can order this book here

Barbara was invited to talk on the radio (BNN/VARA NPO Radio1) about her work as a psychic medium together with one other psychic and a numerologist.

The radiohost is a very spiriual woman so she was very interested and asked them a lot of questions. They had a great time!

(They look very serious but they really had a lot of fun once they went live on air.)



For a couple of years I was a weekly returning guest for Blog Talk Radio-Journey into the Light with Michael Long. I gave live online psychic readings. I enjoyed doing this immensely.

Michael sadly passed away in 2018.

Thank you Michael for the wonderful shows you have made for thousands of listeners and callers and that you gave me the opportunity to be part of your show.

Below you can listen to two broadcasts with Michael:

Listen to the broadcast of News for the Soul with Top Astrologer Monique Leurink and Psychic Medium Barbara.

These are some topics that were discussed:

How do you develop your own psychic abilities?
How do you discover your soul mission?
How can you have a happier life?
Who are your Guides?


And much more...



Radio show '60 Psychic Minutes' on Voice of America, 7th wave network. Weekly radioshow with special guests and in depth psychic free readings for listeners.

Some of the questions:

Committing suicide: do you go to 'hell' when you commit suicide? Will my daughter become a doctor? Spirit guides helping a caller with writing her book. A spirit guide who loves Broadway musicals. Will I ever become pregnant and when?

Some of the questions:

I give healings and I want more clients, how do I attract more clients? Will I become a surgeon and what is your advice for me? First time caller hears great news about his own psychic abilities. My dog passed away, is he okay?