Soulmate reading

✔️Do you feel confused about love?

✔️Are you perhaps involved in a twin flame relationship and you are not sure what to do?

✔️Do you wonder if you will ever find the love you so desperately want?

✔️Is the thought of moving on painful but is the thought of staying painful too?

✔️Does it seem like your marriage isn’t working and do you feel stressed and exhausted about it?


No matter what your situation is, I can help you. My name is Barbara and I am a medium.


Soulmate Reading


Soulmate Reading


Soulmate Reading

Have you ever seen the eyes of a stranger in a crowded place and did you feel a ses of increased consciousness of recognition? Possibly you were pulled together by an induced, almost magical, magnetic energy.So do you actually believe that you have found your soulmate? Do you have the feeling that you are finally bonded with your "other half"? It is possible.


Relationships teach us so much about ourselves. The attraction can be so powerful, overwhelming and intense. You might be curious if the person you have met is THE ONE, your soulmate. I don't believe in coincidence; you have met each other for a reason. Every person you meet brings something to your life; a lesson, a friendship, a mirror, a love relationship, etc.


Are you searching for your soulmate? A reading provides useful insights into who, when and how you will meet your soul mate.


What is a soulmate reading?

A soulmate reading is a reading about your potential soulmates. It will tell you why you met someone or what future you have together. You will learn about the signs that will tell you if you have met your soulmate or not. It's all about identifying the marks that will tell you if you have found your soulmate or need to keep looking. And how you can tell the difference in an instant.


Questions you might have for your soulmate reading

Why did I meet him or her?

What do you want to learn together on a soul level?

What lies ahead for the both of you?

Do you have a future together?

Will he or she come back to you?

How does he or she feel about me?

If you are single, I can tell you when and how you will meet him or her. I can also explain why you are single and what you can do in the meantime before you meet your future partner.


I will give you clear answers to your questions. 


A Soulmate-Twinsoul reading is $59

Send your question and photo to

If you have a question about someone else, I also need their image. I delete every photo right after the reading.

I will send the reading to you as a recording. The recording is approx 20 minutes. I find it far more personal when you can hear my voice and the intonation of my words.

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Looking forward to help you.



Soulmate Reading


Soulmate Reading


Soulmate Reading