Q: Is a phone reading different than seeing you face to face?

A: No, not at all. I tune into your energy, connect with your guides and the information comes. It makes no difference if I see you face to face or talk to you on the phone. It's all about energy. I give phone readings to people all over the world.


Q: Do I have the certainty that you will connect with a deceased loved one?

A: Yes. There is always someone coming through. It might not be the person you hoped for. I cannot decide who is going to speak to you. I am not allowed to force anyone to make contact. But if you want contact with a specific loved one, you can send a photo of him or her. I always delete photos right after the reading. 


Q: I think I have psychic abilities. How can I develop this?

A: I see the 6th sense as a muscle you can train. The more you train, the stronger it becomes. You can follow a course to train your intuition and abilities. Or you can buy Tarot cards, these help with training your muscle. You can also ask someone you trust and love to bring photos of people you don't know. Focus on the photo and say anything that comes forward. The other person can validate what you say. The most important thing is to put away your doubts and fear. Ask your Guides to help you to train your abilities. 


Q: Can I record the session?

A: Yes you can, and I highly recommend this because you hear so much information. And when predictions begin to happen, it's nice to listen back to what I said. We humans tend to make our own story in our mind. There are free apps in the appstore that can record a phonecall. I hear from customers that this works really well.


Q: Am I allowed to call you as often as I want?

A: Yes and No.

No - if you call every time about the same subject, you will hear the same answer over and over. That's a waste of money and I don't like to work that way either. I suggest you record the session so you can listen to what's been said about the subject.  

Yes - if there's a lot happening in your life, and the situation is evolving and you feel you need guidance and clarity, then you can call more often.


Q: What is a Trance Medium?

A: Here you can read about Trance Mediumship.


Q: How do I know if I'm with the right psychic?

A: Use your intuition. If you feel a definite YES when you read a website or look at the psychic's photo.

Also important: let the psychic do the talking! If the psychic starts asking you different questions then you are not dealing with a psychic but with somebody who does cold readings. Stop the conversation. You have the right to do this.


Q: I don't want contact with a deceased person, I am a bit scared of this. Can I get a reading where I ask questions only about myself?

A: Absolutely! You decide what you want. I want you to enjoy your reading and not be scared. Your deceased loved ones know that you don't want contact at this moment, so they will - at all times - respect this.


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