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Over the years, I have noticed a need for four types of psychic medium readings. Some people want to know what their future holds. Others wish to contact their deceased loved ones. The third group wants to know everything about their soul and how to raise their awareness. Why are they here on Earth, and what their soul mission is? They want to know about past lives, their spirit guides, and how they can grow closer to them. The fourth group wants a combination of all three in one session. It does not matter what kind of questions you have; all questions are equally important.


The readings I offer:

Psychic reading.

Medium/mediumship reading.

Combination reading.

E-mail reading. Ask your burning question.

The blueprint of your soul. Beautiful and unique reading all about YOU. The journey of your soul's purpose.

Soulmate reading. Psychic love reading.

In December 2012, I gave an interview to a monthly magazine: Talkies.

Now that I am rereading my answers in 2022, I realize that we are really in the middle of all the profound changes I talked about in this interview almost ten years ago.

Please don't despair, for better times are coming, even when we cannot see them yet.

This is the link to the interview.

Free meditation -  A ‘power-half-hour’ for you

Below you can listen to a small fragment:

I have made a 30-minute meditation/energy exercise with my Spirit guides for you. This meditation is a combination of deep relaxation, healing and energy exercises. I suggest you listen to this meditation a couple of times a week.

Allow yourself: healing, forgiveness, growth, connect with source energy, connect with your guides and become who you really are. 

I am clairaudient.

Clairaudient means that I hear words and sentences. When a deceased loved one talks to me, they often tell me their birth names and first names. I can give you a timeline because the spirit guides provide the years in which certain events occur.

I am clairsentient.

Clairsentient means that I can feel deep, accurate and detailed about every situation or person. For instance, I can feel how someone thinks and feels about you. Will your ex-partner come back to you? Future love reading. Will your business be successful? What can you change to make more money? How can you discover what your passion, your soul purpose is? When will you become pregnant?

I am clairvoyant.

Clairvoyant means that I can see future events with my third eye also called: remote viewing. For instance, if you ask me about moving house, I see you in your current home, and then I see a film in my head where you are going in the future. What the place looks like and the surrounding area. I don't read your thoughts, hopes, wishful thinking, or fear.

Medium and Trance Medium, also known as Channeling. 

Medium means that I can communicate with deceased loved ones and Spirit Guides. I also allow my Guides to speak through me. All Mediums are also Psychics, but not all Psychics are Mediums. 

Many people want to know why they are here on Earth and learn about their life goals and how they can work on their development and live more consciously. They want to know how they can make contact with their spirit guides and dive into their spirituality. It becomes more evident to many that everything starts with ourselves. We have arrived in a new era since 2012, and our need to grow will only become stronger and stronger.

During every psychic reading, I feel so deeply touched by the unconditional love, understanding and patience that the Guides have for us and the clarity with which the Spirit guides communicate.

With your team of Spirit guides, you have a brilliant group of energy around you that is only concerned with you and your well-being. Our body made of muscles, bones, organs and so forth is our mode of transport, but our soul is who we are in essence. 

Your Spirit guides know precisely what your soul wants to learn in this lifetime and how. They know where you come from, where you are currently standing and where you want to go. They are souls with whom you share a deep soul connection, a deep friendship, often for centuries.

Video (15:07 minutes)

Barbara explains the basics how to connect with your own Spirit Guides:


My video below explains what happens to our soul when we commit suicide.

Know that there is help for you. You are not alone.

This link shows a list of the suicide crisis lines in many countries worldwide:


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