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I answer all your questions about your love life, relationships, work, money, career, children, your spiritual development etc.

This reading is about your past, present and future.  I work together with your Spirit guides. They know where you are coming from, where you are now and where you want to go.

They give deep insights about your situation. They explain what you are learning and they give the key to any problem. They give you tools, advice and what to expect in your future. A reading is always uplifting and positive. You are never stuck even though it can feel that way sometimes. You will feel the power and positivity from your Spirit guides. Read more


I make contact with deceased loved ones. I share all the information they give me and of course you can ask them all your questions. 

They will share details with you so you know for sure that I have contact. These details are names, their personality, how they looked, how they died etc.  And also a lot of information about you and your (future) life.

I can also connect with your main Spirit guide. Tell you who he or she is. Why he/she is with you. What was your relationship in previous lives? How to connect with him/her and deepen your contact. Read more



This reading is a combination of a Psychic Medium reading and a Medium/Mediumship reading.

I answer all your questions about any subject and I make contact with loved ones, give details about them and I make contact with your spirit guides. Read more


You can ask a question about any topic such as love (will he or she come back to me?) and relationships, soulmates and twin-souls, work, career and money, children, your spiritual development.

You can also opt for an extended email reading when you have more than 1 question. Read more


If you can not afford a paid reading at this moment; I offer free psychic readings in my weekly radio show on Blog Talk Radio. Send me an email so I can take your call during the show and give you a free psychic medium reading.

Barbara, for worldwide channeled trance medium readings - psychic medium readings, photo readings. Ask your burning questions. Receive guidance, answers and insights from the Spirit World. Contact with deceased loved ones and your own Spirit guides. 


Relationships teach us so much about ourselves. And of course you want to know if he or she is THE ONE. The attraction can be so powerful, overwhelming and intense.

Why did you meet him or her? What do you want to learn together on a soul level? What lies ahead for the both of you? Do you have a future together? I will give you clear answers to all these questions.

If you are single, I can tell you when and how you will meet him or her. I can also explain why you are single and what you can do in the meantime before you will meet your future partner. Read more


Do you want to develop or deepen your own psychic abilities? I offer an online course. We are all born with a 6th sense. As we grow up, we are taught to use our common sense more often. Sometimes it feels we get distracted from our feelings. We mistrust or doubt what we feel. 

In this 4-part course I will teach you how to make deeper contact with your feelings and intuition and how to connect with your own spirit guides.

We will train all your psychic abilities and I will give you tips how to keep training after the course is completed. Read more


Below you can listen to a small fragment:


Together with my Spiritguides I made a 30 minute Meditation/Energy exercise for you. We suggest you listen to this meditation a couple times a week.

This meditation is a combination of deep relaxation, healing and energy exercises.

Allow yourself: healing, forgiveness, growth, connect with source energy, connect with your own guides and to become who you really are. 


Every single psychic reading is different.

I never know who will step forward and what kind of messages and guidance comes through. That is so exciting! One thing I know for sure, every psychic reading is very special. Because all the information I receive and channel from the Spirit world is brought with so much clarity, unconditional love and understanding. 


This means that I hear words and sentences. When a deceased loved one talks to me they often tell me their birthnames and their first name. 


'I can’t thank you enough Barbara, for all the help and guidance. You are patient with me and always so kind in your readings. Accurate, of course, always. You gave me specific details about things I hadn’t even asked you about but that I clearly needed guidance on. You told me about some minor challenges in my work and career life that are subtle to me, but that are ever so present, you are so right on, so wise to draw my attention to it. Things that had only been at the thought level for me about my work and about my illuminated it for me and were  spot on and it showed me where my focus is needed. Pointing me in the  right direction and towards the people (my husband, two sons and my work) that I so need to be looking at, no more looking back to a person of the past. Your accuracy in describing things is incredible and your loving kind nature is much appreciated. So, so glad I found you!


Rebecca Cleveland, Ohio (USA)'


This means that I can feel. For instance I can feel how someone thinks and feels about you. Or how you feel in any situation. I feel how much you are being loved by your Guides and loved ones in the spirit world.

During a reading, this feeling of unconditional love for you floats through me all the time. I so wish I could pass this feeling on, so people can feel how much they are loved. All the negative human emotions are gone when you die. What's left is love in its purest form. And that's what I feel.


This means that I see pictures and a movie with my third eye. For instance, if you ask me if I see you move house, I see you in your current home and then I see a film in my head where you are going. What the house looks like, if you are moving in with someone or not or maybe later on in your life? I don't read your thoughts, your hopes, wishful thinking nor your fear.

I see what will be the most probable outcome. If you are single and want to know what your love life will bring, and you ask me if you will meet someone I do the same; I see you and I watch the movie being played. I can see where you will meet this person and sometimes I even get his or her first name. I can feel Karmic connections between people.

Medium and Trance Medium, also known as Channeling. 

This means that I can communicate with deceased loved ones and Spirit Guides. I also give my Guides the opportunity to speak through me. All Mediums are also Psychics, but not all Psychics are Mediums.

I can never force a spirit to connect with me. That's not up to me. Most spirits really love to connect with us. We take our personality with us when we die. It's really only our body we leave behind.

I never came accross a spirit who was sad or wanted to return to his or her body. They often say that they are 'Home' now. Their energy feels so alive and cheerful. Especially when their body was causing them a lot of pain and dependency on earth. Or when they suffered from a horrible brain decease like Alzheimers. They are glad to be free from their pain and illness.

They can see the bigger picture now. Everything they forgot when they were born, they remember instantly when they die. Every piece of the puzzle falls into place. We all have so many ancestors who help us. We probably don't know them, but they know you, you share a bloodline. They watch over you and help where they can.



'Hello Barbara...I asked my mother about the great grandmother you told me about and she just said what you have told me ...I am really surprised...OMG Barbara...I felt so connected to Her that moment ... I am so happy that people who passed away are somehow with us and their memory is not forgotten. My mom told me some stories about my great grandmother...pity I didn't know her but strangely I love her.. Warm Regards , and pity I can't meet you but I will always have you in my heart for the person you are... Love N'



A growing number of people want to know why they are here, what their life goal is. How they can work on their development, be able to live more consciously. How they can make contact with their own Spirit guides. We have clearly arrived in a new era since 2012. And this will only become stronger and stronger. It becomes clearer to many that everything starts with yourself.
During every online psychic medium phone reading I am deeply touched by the unconditional love, understanding and patience that the Guides have for us and the clarity with which the Spirit guides communicate.

This 'work': giving online psychic medium phone readings, never feels like work to me. It makes me very happy and grateful. With your Spirit guides you have a highly intelligent team of energy around you that is only concerned with you and your well-being. Our body made of muscles, bones, organs and so forth is our mode of transport, but our soul is who we are in essence.

Your Spirit guides know exactly what you want to learn in this lifetime, and how. They know where you come from, where you are currently standing and where you want to go in this lifetime. They are souls with whom you share a deep soul connection, a deep friendship, often for centuries..........

‘And someday in the mist of time

When they ask you if you knew me

Remember that you were a friend of mine’


Alan Parsons – Old & Wise


The Telegraph - interview:

"What do you see about me?"

Medium Barbara Bandel gives personal Spirit guide readings

Barbara sits relaxed on the couch with a cup of tea in her hands and says that the first thing people often ask when she says she is a psychic and a medium is: "What do you see about me?"

People react curiously but also skeptically, she says. "For many people it’s elusive if you say you can communicate with the deceased, while for me it feels like breathing."

Barbara was three years old when she had her first paranormal experience. She found out that not everyone had the same experiences when she was 7 years old. At the police station. Together with a friend, she had to identify a flasher based on photos. In the photos she saw what those men did with small children. When Barbara asked her girlfriend if she saw and felt the same with the photos, she didn't understand what Barbara was talking about.

In her childhood Barbara found it difficult to connect with other children. That felt lonely sometimes. She never intended to turn her 6th sense into her profession. "That actually went very gradually." She worked as a secretary, but she was not satisfied with it. People asked her about their life questions more and more often and she found that it was very fulfilling to be able to answer them and to help. Through word of mouth, more and more people wanted to ask her questions, so the step to practicing it professionally was a logical consequence.

Who is your Spirit guide?

"The nice thing is that it doesn't feel like work," she says enthusiastically. "Doing something that gives such a deep inner fulfillment makes you happy." In addition to her readings, she also gives personal guide readings. "I use a photo to tune into the energy of the person and make contact with his or her main guide. A main guide is someone with whom you have shared a past life or past lives and you had a strong and very close relationship with. It's a very old soul that will not incarnate", she explains. "The main spiritguide tells me what stage of life someone is in. What tasks someone wants to take on in this life and what someone wants to achieve. Where are the challenges, where is the opportunity for growth? What was the connection with the main guide in past lives? Why did you choose this life, why are you here? This is a very comprehensive reading that provides a lot of insight. It's about the blueprint of your soul. All information is giving in a clear and down to earth manner."

Discover, experience, feel and act on your own

Because of the prejudices about psychics, Barbara often felt obliged to defend herself. She has stopped doing that, she says resolutely. She understands that people are skeptical. Being skeptical is  good. What touches her is when people don't value her and already judge her in advance, simply because of what she does. "Experience a psychic reading first and then judge, not the other way around." she says. "If you want to visit a psychic, let the psychic speak. If a psychic is going to ask questions or comes up with generalities, then you have to be on guard. Only give your first name, nothing more." Barbara points out that people shouldn't visit a medium or psychic more often than twice a year. "The danger is that people tend to live their lives according to what they have been told. People must discover, experience, feel and act on their own. That space must always continue to exist. It's never the intention that you become dependent on anyone: you are and remain responsible for your own life - captain of your ship. Take the psychic's information with you in the back of your mind but let your own inner guidance be your strongest advisor. Your own intuition is gold."

Tarot readings

I don't give Tarot card readings but if you are looking for a good Tarot site with real and certified readers, I recommend this website:


I am a member of the Mind Body Spirit Network where you can discover content and resources to transform your world.

My video below explains what happens to your soul when you commit suicide:


All readings are meant for entertainment purposes only and should not replace legal, medical, financial, or professional advice. You must be 18 years or older. 
The readings that I provide are for guidance only. What you decide to do, including any actions you take, with the information that I give you, is based on your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. My services are not a substitute for professional services, and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert.

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