Meditation to make contact with your own spirit guides


How to start the meditation to meet your spiritual guide

There are many many ways to connect with your spirit guides, this is one of them. It is a meditation to connect with your spirit guides and to develop a stronger bond. For beginners and advanced. Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. When you focus on your breathing it is easier to relax. When you notice that your mind is too busy, force yourself to focus on your breathing. Your thoughts will stop when you focus only on breathing in, and breathing out. Focus on your lower belly while breathing. Your breath is the key to the entry of your inner world. When you develop a steady rhythm you begin to create a certain vibration that allows your body to slow down. You change your brainwave cycles when you slow down and you allow yourself to be in another state of consciousness. Take the time you need to become relaxed.

Meet and connect with your spiritual guides

Imagine you are sitting in an open field on soft green grass and the sun is shining gently on your body. You feel safe and relaxed. The sun makes you feel relaxed. You know that you have spirit guides around you. And also many ancestors. You want to strenghten the bond with them. You want to be more connected with your spirit guides and you want to experience the benefits of spiritual guidance. You feel you are open to make a stronger connection with your spirit guides and spiritual teachers.

As you lay or sit in the open field you feel you are not alone. You feel multiple spiritual energies around you. They feel familiar. Your Higher Self, your Soul knows who they are. They come closer. Say mentally to yourself: let me see myself the way the Universe sees me. Let me see myself the way my spirit guides see me.

Increasing the contact with your spirit guides

The energy is now all around you. Your spirit guide is standing behind you. You feel the loving energy and your spirit guide lays his hands gently on your shoulders. You feel the love of your spirit guide going through your entire body. Your hands and feet begin to tingle. The spiritual bond between you and your spirit guide is now growing stronger. You begin to feel who you really are and how powerful you are.

Say mentally to yourself: I am loved. I am protected. I forgive myself. I am safe. I am source energy. I am enough. I see myself how the Universe sees me. I am. I do not doubt my intuition. I make decisions with my heart. My Higher Self knows the way.

The hands of your spirit guide are still gently laying on your shoulders. Now ask yourself: what do I want? Do I want a healthier body, do I want more money, do I want more love in my life? Do I want to have better relationships with the people I love? Do I want to follow my dreams without being scared all the time? What do you want? Think about this and let your heart give you the answers.

Ask your spirit guides for guidance

Say to your spirit guide: show me the quickest path to all the things I want. You only have to ask this once. Say to your spirit guide: are there any messages you want to share with me? Pay attention to what you feel. Sometimes your spirit guides only want to let you feel how much they love you. Sometimes you will receive a sudden idea or impulse. Sometimes you will see images or faces of deceased loved ones. Just let it happen and do not force anything and do not be scared. The guidance will continue when you stop the meditation. So keep paying attention every day to everything you feel, hear and see.