I will be a guest in February on the PAST LIVES PODCAST hosted by Simon Bown

Misunderstood children in the current school system and their desperate parents.

More and more often I speak to sad and sometimes even distraught parents who have questions about their son or daughter. Young children who run into major problems in primary school. Who cannot keep up with the pace of school. Falling behind with arithmetic or reading, and sometimes - in the eyes of the teacher - not participating sufficiently on a social level with the rest.

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5 Reasons why you should walk out of a psychic reading

Reason #1. Don’t believe a psychic who claims that he or she can bring your ex-partner back to you. They also like to give you an exact timeframe like 24 or 48 hours. No one can make that promise to you. It’s up to the Universe and your lifepath if someone will come back to you or not. It’s a horrible feeling when your heart is broken. You feel sad, confused and not stable. You are the perfect victim for people who claim to help you get your partner back. What they do; they will perform a ceremony for you. Often in another country. Ofcourse they don’t but how can you check? You can’t. And even if you could check, a ceremony won’t make any difference. You have to give money so they can buy the animals or the materials that are part in this fake ceremony. And then, when you discover that your ex-partner is still your ex-partner once the 48 hours have gone by, they tell you they have to perform a stronger ceremony. What a surprise!!! Who saw that coming?!? They will use convincing words to give you false hope so you keep paying. Because you want your partner back. But the end of this sad story is that you loose a lot of money and no results. Use your instinct and your common sense. If things don’t feel good to you, walk away. These people and fake promises are an insult to your intelligence.

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Our Spirit Guides

Your main Guide is always present. His or her 'job' is to assist you your entire life. Not in your face but always within reach. In every life you live, you have a different Guide. All these Guides also have a Guide. This is called an Oversoul. 

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