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Barbara during a book signing in a bookstore.

She wrote for every single person in the book a personal message - giving by her Spirit Guides.


Book: 'We are more alive than most of the living.'

Together with journalist and author Sylvia de Witt I wrote the book 'We are more alive than most of the living.'

It touches varias topics such as:

* Our Guides and Guardian Angel * Soulmates and Twinsouls

* Reincarnation * Lessons * Development of Humanity

* Suicide, Murder and Euthanasia * Messages from the Deceased

* Adventures when you sleep * The Future

* The Concept of Coincidence

and much more....

'This book confirmed what I always felt.'

'Easy to read, wonderful insights.'


'What is the truth about life and death? Does coincidence exist? What is it like to die and what are they doing there all day up Above?

We are More Alive than most of the Living is an easy to read book in a playful Q&A format and written for a broad reading audience.'

You can order the book here


Barbara was invited to talk on the radio about her work as a psychic medium together with one other psychic and a numerologist. The radiohost is a very spiriual woman so she was very interested and asked us a lot of questions. We had a great time!

(We look very serious but we really had a lot of fun once we went live on air.)

For a couple of years I was a weekly returning guest for Blog Talk Radio-Journey into the Light, giving free instant live online psychic readings. I enjoyed doing this immensely. Here you can listen to two broadcasts:


Listen to the broadcast of News for the Soul with Top Astrologer Monique Leurink and Psychic Medium Barbara.

These are some topics that were discussed:

How do you develop your own psychic abilities?
How do you discover your soul mission?
How can you have a happier life?
Who are your Guides?


And much more


On December 21th 2012, Barbara was invited for a morning TV-talkshow to talk about 'The end of the world' on that day and the Maya calendar.

And what it means that we are now in the age of Aquarius. She also gave live psychic readings to guests.

Barbara has given numerous interviews to TV and radiostations, newspapers and magazines, like Bride, Talkies, Cosmopolitan, ParaVision, Telegraph.


Radio show '60 Psychic Minutes' - 7th Wave Network


Books I recommend:

The Seth Material by Jane Roberts. I think that this is the best book in this field ever. Everytime I read it, I discover new insights. Jane was a channel for Seth. Her husband Robert wrote down all sessions. A series of Seth books has already been published, but this edition contains summaries of the best sessions. Warning: Your life will transform when you read this book :-) 


I also recommend:

* 'Oversoul Seven' by Jane Roberts.

* Rosemary Altea: 'The Eagle and the Rose'

* All books written by Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton. Both Hypnotherapists.


‘Every action is change, otherwise there would be a static universe and then

death would indeed be the end. What I am is also what you are:

individualized consciousness’

Source: Seth speaks, Jane Roberts