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  Reviews:   'This book confirmed what I always felt.'

'Easy to read, wonderful insights.'

Together with journalist and author Sylvia de Witt, Barbara wrote the book 'We are more alive than most of the living.'

It touches various topics such as:

* Our Spirit guides and Guardian Angels * Soulmates and Twin-souls

* Reincarnation 

* Lessons 

* Development of Humanity

* Suicide, Murder

* Messages from the Deceased

* Adventures when you sleep 

* The Future

* The Concept of Coincidence

and much more....


Barbara during a book signing in a bookstore.

She wrote for every single person a personal message in her book - a personal message from the Spirit Guides.




'Everyone dies, but no one is dead', according to a Tibetan saying. In the West, you will hear hardcore atheists say: No one has ever come back from the dead to tell us what it's like up there. The idea of an afterlife is nothing but a beautiful fairytale offering nothing more than consolation.

But how about all those messages received directly from, or through a medium by the relatives of the deceased? What the thousands of books filled with descriptions of the afterlife? The statement 'I only believe in what I see'would mean that things like radio waves, electrons, magnetic fields have no right to exist either?

Every man has his own truth. Most atheists adhere to the theory of evolution and agnostics believe that the existence of a higher power - a God - cannot be proven, although they can't prove that a higher power doesn't exist, either. The claim that God does not exist is, from a scientific point of view, just as absurd as saying that God is an old man with a white beard, or that he has four arms and an elephant's head, or that God is nothing else than pure energy.

Christians believe that God sent his only son Jesus to the world to liberate humanity from sin; Muslims believe that Muhammad is the prophet and messenger of God; the goal of Buddhists is to be liberated from the cycle of rebirth and stop suffering. Among the many other existing religions and superstitions, there are also the 'something-ists': people who believe there is something out there but who can't pinpoint exactly what that something is.

Who is right? What is the truth? No matter what it is, people have wondered for centuries about the great mystery of life and death. Let's face it, don't we all have the need to find out what the point of life is and what will happen to us after death? 

In 2005, I met Psychic Medium Barbara Bandel. She is the mother of two sons with an aversion of vagueness. She was able to tell me the most amazing things on a personal level. Her stories triggered more general questions. That's how the idea was born to process those ideas in a book and Barbara was more than willing to lend a helping hand. I visited her a lot in the following months and questioned her about everything. She receives information through her Guide and other deceased people. The title of this book refers to a statement from a deceased person Barbara was in contact with. 

Much of what is said in this book will be a testimony of a great imagination to some. So be it. No matter how you look at it: I obviously can't apply any journalistic principles here of question and answer. 

I leave it up to you to decide whether Barbara's answers to my questions carry the ultimate truth. 'You should not assume anything', Buddha seems to have said, 'except if it matches your own experience and inferences.' In other words: draw your own conclusions.

Sylvia de Witt



Other Books I recommend:

The Seth Material by Jane Roberts. I think that this is the best book in this field ever. Every time I read it, I discover new insights. Jane was a channel for Seth. Her husband Robert wrote down all sessions. A series of Seth books has already been published, but this edition contains summaries of the best sessions. Warning: Your life will transform when you read this book :-) 

‘Every action is change, otherwise there would be a static universe and then death would indeed be the end. What I am is also what you are: individualized consciousness’

(Source: Seth speaks, Jane Roberts)


I also recommend:

* Oversoul Seven by Jane Roberts

* Rosemary Altea: 'The Eagle and the Rose'

* All books written by Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton. Both Hypnotherapists.