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How do spirits see our world compared to how we humans see the world we live in?

Do they view the world we live in differently? And if so, how?


My main spirit guide, Ben, is my filter. All information goes through him, so I am 100% sure that no other spirits interfere with any messages I deliver. He also helps me with the readings. He is patient, wise, funny, serious and straightforward. If you ever had a reading with me, you were actually talking with him.

Ben wants to talk about our future


About two years ago, he shared how electricity will be free for everyone in the future. People found (yes, it's already here but not known to the larger public) a way to generate electricity with some (to me unknown) large figure-8-shaped rotating device.

It hovers at knee-height above the ground and constantly rotates steadily, providing electricity for free. It will cost nearly nothing to make these figure-8-shaped tools, and it won't harm Earth; it's nonpolluting.

The big companies that make trillions with solar panels and windmills will try to sabotage and block it, but they won't succeed.

Ben will share more details about this when we approach this turnaround. So free, clean energy for everyone...I can't wait.

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