The Modern Sage Podcast with Leah Guy With Guest Barbara Bandel


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Today on the pod Leah talks with Barbara, a psychic medium, about the happenings at the house, as well as how it works to speak with spirit on the other side.

Full transparency; Barbara did not listen to any of Leah's story about the haunted house thus far. She and Leah did not speak prior to this interview, and have no prior knowledge of one another. This is their first time communicating in any way.

Barbara shares information from her guides about the meaning of Leah's story, the dark energy of the house, where he is now, what is coming up for Leah in her work regarding this story, and reveals where the spirit is now.

Although Leah isn't sharing more of the story today on purpose, more of the story is revealed, so make sure you listen to the previous episodes first! 

The Modern Sage Podcast offers no-nonsense wisdom and inspiration to find healing, health and happiness.

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Leah’s takes on healing – brought to you by those who know life’s struggles and sharing healing inspiration. 

The Modern Sage Podcast is a conversation about transformation while acknowledging our humanity so that we can continue to evolve to connect with our purpose, live from the heart and meet our higher selves.

You can trust Leah to bring it to you straight. 


Leah says:

You are a divine being with unlimited potential. Let Your Journey be Illuminated.

When we are out of alignment with our higher self, we are chasing… relationships, money, validation, or happiness.

The mindful, spiritual path is an active journey inviting us into expansion, trust, confidence and surrender.

It is here where we meet our higher selves, and that of others. You can free yourself from old patterns, excuses, fears, and painful emotional addictions.

You can learn from past traumas. You can heal the ghosts of your past.

All you need is an intention, a strategy, and supportive guidance.

Leah is not just an author, writer, and speaker, but a guiding light in your journey towards self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

With her unique approach, she encourages you to embrace your darkness in order to find your true purpose in life.

Together, let us illuminate the path towards healing and living a more enlightened existence.

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