Past Lives Reading


Are you curious about who you were in your previous lives? Do you believe that understanding your past lives can provide valuable insights into your present? 

Many people - especially those awakening spiritually- are interested in their past lives.

What is spiritual awakening? I have written a blog about spiritual awakening, its signs and symptoms.


This Past Lives Reading is about several specific past lives, and you will receive an answer to who you were then, in which country you lived, and what did you learn there? Are there people in your current life who were with you then?


Through this detailed analysis, you'll uncover hidden talents, unresolved emotions, and recurring patterns that may influence your current life.


Imagine the empowerment from understanding why certain challenges keep resurfacing or why you feel an inexplicable connection to specific people or places. Why do certain patterns keep repeating, or why you've been drawn to particular interests or vocations throughout your life.


This Past Lives Reading will help you make sense of these experiences and give you a deeper understanding of your life's purpose, allowing you to break free from limiting patterns and embrace your full potential.


Uncover the secrets of who you once were, the experiences that shaped you, and the lessons that continue to resonate in your present existence.


We (my spirit guides and I) approach each session with the utmost professionalism and compassion. We understand the delicate nature of exploring past lives and creating a safe and supportive environment for your journey of self-discovery.


I only need your photo; other information isn't necessary. I will delete your photograph right after I have finished your reading.


How do I work? 

During the reading, your team of spirit guides works together with my team of guides. 

I repeat what they say about you and your Past Lives. 

I will record the session and send it to your email address. A session is about 30 minutes.


The cost of a Past Lives Reading is $99

 You can send your photo to my email address.




Past Lives Reading


Past Lives Reading


Past Lives Reading. Delve into the depths of your soul and explore the untold stories of your past lives.