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Spirit Guide Names 

What are Spirit Guides?

Everyone has one or multiple Spirit Guides in this life. Spirit Guides can come in multiple shapes and forms (sometimes they can even be identified as a symbol, a numerical code or color) and might all have a different purpose in their way of helping you. Some people think about Spirit Guides as small parts of our unconscious minds or parts of our higher selves that symbolically support us in finding wholeness, joy and peace. The main goal of Spirit Guides is to guide, protect and lead you into your right path. Spirit Guides can come and go, where some of them will pop-up themselves and others may need to be evoked or asked for guidance. It is very possible that from the moment you have made contact with one of these spirits, they will appear in your everyday life. But for this to happen it is common that, just like with friendships with other people, there is a process of recognition and appreciation. Keep an open mind and stay tuned for symbols and signs they may send you.

Spirit Guide names

If you have indeed established one or multiple Spirit Guides in your presence, you might be wondering or trying to understand their names. This can be very challenging and difficult. It is often so that you can feel the presence of your Spirit Guide because they make it clear that they are there, but they do not communicate in ways we are used to, like talking, writing or other earthly languages. In reality, their names are just like ours. Every Spirit Guide has a different and unique name connected to them. It is very understandable that we wish to assign names to our Spirit Guides. This gives more clearance into the energy created. It also allows for information and thoughts to be more organized. The result is more structure, the ability to establish a connection, and gaining peace of mind. Our brains are developed to comprehend structure and feel comfortable doing this.

The difficulty

In the spiritual world, names are not as common or as valuable because they simply think about someone and transfer the thoughts concerning them. Spirits have their own way of communication in their own language well-known in the spirit world. The messages our guides send us are in turn interpreted and translated by our own intuition into the language that we comprehend and speak on earth. If a Spirit Guide would send us their names, we have a really difficult time to translate or pronounce this since we don’t understand or speak their language. For some people this is easier than for others, but it is definitely possible to connect a name to your guide.

Try to ask for their name

It is easiest to just ask your Spirit Guide what their name is. Often it really helps to let your mind go blank and be in meditation while doing this. You can ask them who they are, what their name is, which aspects they will guide you in and if they can send you signs or signals to lead you in the right direction. A good time to ask is before you go to sleep at night. This way they can come into your dreams and you can try to remember it when you wake up in the morning. If you can’t get a name from your guide, you can also ask for a symbol or a sign. Remember to be receptive and open to accepting the signs. Once you receive it, you will know. Have faith in your intuition.

Making contact with Spirit Guides can be such a powerful and life changing experience. Reach out to us if you have any questions or are interested in a reading. Call 1-800 28 360 88.