Interview The Gay Issue

The Gay Issue 2021

Psychic Barbara Bandel, a beautiful woman with a wonderful gift: "You get the presents in life if you follow your intuition"

Sometimes you have questions that you can't seem to answer yourself. About your work, your relationship or how things continue after your coming out. Then it might be a good idea to consult a psychic. "But the answers are always within you," says psychic Barbara Bandel. "You just sometimes need someone to show them to you."

How did you find out that you are psychic?

'I was seven and had bumped into a flasher with a girlfriend. The next day we went to the police station to look at pictures of possible perpetrators. I didn't know then that if I concentrate on a photo, I get a lot of information. I looked at the photos and saw, felt and heard what those men in those photos were doing. I was a very innocent girl at the time, and it was like watching a horror movie. I had a panic attack. My girlfriend hadn't seen all those things so I thought, I made it all up, I'm crazy. I didn't want to talk to anyone about it.

What did you do with that first - negative - experience?

'That same year, I saw two elderly people in a retirement home as their deceased daughter stepped out of a photo and put her arms around them. I felt that their daughter was very happy where she was and was able to tell this to her mother. That felt very normal at the time, and it was a kind of liberation for me. Before this experience, I was a sociable and cheerful child during the day, but at night when I went to bed, I always felt a kind of homesickness. I often said to my mother: I have a hole inside me. But after the event in the retirement home, in the evening, I could evoke the feeling, and the energy that I had experienced there and that hole was filled. I am now convinced that I was homesick for where I came from - home, I call it. The other side where we go to when we die.'

How do your psychic abilities work? 

'You don't live once, but over and over again. In each life, you have your own main guide, with whom you map out the path that you will follow before you start a new life here on Earth again. You also have guides, deceased people from your past or present life with whom you still have to complete something. These are often only with you for a while. The things we learn in this life allow your guides and you to grow. 

I have learned to communicate with these guides, and I am also clairvoyant, knowing, hearing and feeling. Why do people come to you? People come to me because they want to contact someone who has passed away, for example, or test their feelings - to see if their guides are on the same path as to where they want to go. And, of course, it is also fun to see what you will experience, what your future looks like.

It is not wise to go to a psychic if you are unwilling to look at yourself. Always blame others for the things in your life or if you hope that a psychic can turn your life around in one hour. If you want to change something in your life, you should always do it yourself.'

Where do your clients come from?

'My clients come from all over the world.'  

Do you also meet LGBTI + people in your practice? 

'Yes. In this society, they especially struggle with many important life questions. I once had an older man in practice. He had come out as a homosexual but still felt a lot of love and understanding for his wife. When we went to a previous life, it turned out that it had been the other way around for him: his current wife came out of the closet in his previous life. He started to cry and said that he already had that feeling, that they had already experienced this once. There was also a link connected to his ancestors. His father and great-grandfather were extremely homophobic men. So he had also chosen this path to learn that everyone is equal. Those are adamant things' 

What is the most important advice you can give people?

'A few times a day, try to check how things feel for you; how are YOU feeling at that moment? Do you need to adjust your attention when you notice that you are watching/listening to things that make you feel bad or sad? You have the choice of what or whom you are listening to. Your guiding system will always let you know when you are focused on something good or bad for you. Turn away from bad people, circumstances, news etc. No one but you and your guides knows what your path is, so no one can tell you what to do or not do. So be brave and walk your path, follow your own heart. Even if it is lonely at times, you always meet soul mates.' 



I don't know if you can remember this because you talk to so many people, but in 2019 you told me that I would wear a facemask at work in 2020.

And that I shouldn't have to worry about my health. It would be a very turbulent period, but it would not affect me personally. I think it is exceptional that you have seen that.

Stay safe and healthy! Love, K.