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Online course: develop your own psychic abilities

It's no coincidence (I don't believe in coincidence) that you are interested in developing your own psychic abilities. You followed your intuition.

What is intuition?
I see our heart, our intuition, our 6th sense, our Guides, our Higher Self as harmonious components, all working together for you.

In this 4-part course I will teach you how to make deeper contact with your feelings and intuition and to start trusting again.

When you have completed the course, I can tell you which ability is the strongest in you. I will explain how you can continue practicing to make your paranormal abilities stronger. 

I do not work with a time limit because we work with your feelings so you decide how much time you need for each lesson.

I also teach you at the beginning of the course how you can protect yourself and I guide you step by step.

You mail your homework assignment back to me and my guides and I assess and give you advice and/or tips. Then I mail you the 2nd part and so on.


After you have completed the 4 lessons I will send you the final evaluation and I will tell you which paranormal ability is the strongest in you and how you can develop this.

It's my intention that you have fun during the course and that you do not see it as an exam or a test. We are going to bring to the surface what has always been inside of you.

If you want to participate fill in the form. Make sure that you mention in your email that it's about the course.

I will then send you a PayPal payment request. Or you can 'Add to cart' and pay with a creditcard. After your payment I will immediately send you lesson number one.

The 4-part course is: USD  89


Some tips and advice if you want to train your own psychic abilities, your 6th sense:

Practice. By practicing you become familiar with how your inuition works. Some people feel a physical sensation, for example goose bumps or a strong feeling in their stomach when their intuition speaks. Practice makes perfect. (Another cliché, but also very true.)


Don’t forget to have fun while practising. When you have fun, your energy rises and when your enery rises you are more in-tune with your intuition.


Buy a set of cards, for example Tarot cards. This also teaches you to trust your feelings, plus at the same time you learn a lot about yourself and your deepest motives and emotions when you lay the cards for yourself. It will give you great insight, about yourself and others.


Ask someone you trust to show a number of photos to you. They have to be photos of people you do not know, the other person knows these people well.

You hold a photo in your hands and breathe in and out quietly. It is really important that the person in front of you is serious about this and wants to help you to practice. This helps you to feel free to say what comes to mind when you hold the photo. If you do not feel free, you block immediately. Say everything you feel, hear, see and maybe even smell so that the other person can confirm what you say.

It's not about how many things you say are 'true' or 'false' (the person who brings the photos may not know everything about these individuals. So your 'false-answer' can actually be spot-on without you knowing this). It's about letting your intuition flow and thus every exercise with a photo will make your intuition become stronger. And the information will also eventually come faster.


Reviews: Develop your psychic abilities:

Dear Barbara,
I have really enjoyed our time together and each of the lessons. It has been quite a fascinating experience for me to discover the things about myself that I was unaware of!!! I intend to re-listen to your heartfelt words and wisdom when I finish the few (all good) things that have kept my steady attention most recently. I feel a heart connection and am so grateful to have met you thru Monique and her show. I look forward to more practice and developing my intuition. Thank you!
With love, L


Dear Barbara,

I enjoyed this very much! Lesson number 1: I really had to conquer my fear. You were so patient with me and with the tools from your Guides lesson number 2 went a lot better. Unbelievable that I could make contact with this sweet deceased man. I feel more confident now and I will keep practising my psychic abilities. Thank you, I learned a lot and I've grown! Exactly what I hoped for. Love to you and your guides, Gabriella x


This course is meant for entertainment purposes only.

You must be 18 years or older.