Medium/mediumship phone reading


When you live in the U.S., you can contact me at 1-800 28 360 88.
Outside the U.S., we can call via Skype, Signal or Whatsapp.


What is a mediumship reading?

During a medium/mediumship reading, I go into a state of consciousness where there is room for the spirits, the deceased loved ones, to talk to me.

I go into this state of consciousness within seconds and deliver the messages. They share details about themselves like their names, personality, how they died etc.

They also give a lot of information about you and your (future) life.
I repeat what the spirits say to me and share all information they are channeling through me.

You also get the opportunity to ask them all your questions.

There is no difference between seeing you in person or talking to you on the phone because I repeat what your group of spirit guides tell me.

Spirit guide

I can also connect with your leading spirit guide. You have met this spirit in previous lifetimes, and you willingly agreed that they would be your spirit guide in your current life on Earth. They can tell you about the blueprint of your soul.

It is up to you how long you want to talk with me. You can book a reading with me, even for a couple of minutes, for instance, when you have one burning question.

Your team of spirit guides will often work on your energy during the reading to give you more power and - if necessary - a more positive outlook on your situation and your life. We all need positive energy sometimes when we cannot find it ourselves.  

A mediumship reading can be a bit scary. I am very aware of that. I will always make you feel comfortable, and after a couple of minutes, you will have no idea why you were nervous to talk to me. I am down to Earth, and that's the way I also talk to you.
My readings are uplifting and positive.

If you want to record our reading, there are (free) apps you can download to record our reading with your smartphone. I hear from clients that this works very well.

I also recommend taking a small break when the reading is over to let the information and the experience sink in.

If you want to see and hear me, you can look at the Bold and Brave Show video: my interview starts at 15:20. 

This reading is $ 6.50 p/m.

I am looking forward to talking to you!




New: Mediumship Course, where I teach and guide you every step of the way. Every medium works differently, which is why personal guidance is of the utmost importance.