Twinsouls and Soulmates - a spiritual marriage.


We all have one Main Spirit guide and several help guides.

My Main Guide's name is Ben, and I do a lot of automatic writing with him. This is what he told me about twin souls and soulmates. 

The purpose of a twin soul relationship

'The purpose of a twinsoul relationship is that they want to accomplish something together on Earth. Sure, this can be done alone, but the presence of the other makes things much more purposeful, grandeur, and more effective by the united strength and energy. Twin Souls are engaged in activities that will serve humanity in any shape or form, big or small. People in Soulmate relationships can sometimes feel this, too, although this is different from Twin relationships.

Soulmate relationships can be between two or more people who bundle their talents on Earth. They might be lovers, terrific friends, people born in the same family or colleagues. That doesn't make them twin Souls. They are definitely soul related, and there will be recognition and a sense of unity in certain areas.

Twin Souls experience similarities on every level of their lives, spiritually and physically. It might be that twinsouls have experienced similar events in their lives before their first meeting, although that's not a necessity. A significant feature of twin Souls is that they will be asked to be their pure Self when they meet each other for the first time. Their pure Self from when they were born with all their power, wisdom and without ego. You might think it's easy to be yourself, but it's not. It can be scary.

Being yourself means to be brave enough to figuratively stand bare naked in front of the other.' 

Show your true colors

'You must show yourself to the other person in your purest form. It makes you vulnerable, but at the same time, it becomes your greatest strength, without any binary or trying to portray yourself better than you are. You need to leave your ego behind and show your true colors. So be vulnerable; it's your greatest asset. If you are bold enough to get past the fear, you will feel liberated and wonder why you have been afraid all this time. You will be more yourself than you've ever been. In a twin relationship, you will gratefully embrace each other and be welcomed as your true Self. 

Human's desire to meet the ultimate other can make them desperate. They often assume someone is their twin soul. What happens is that one's desire is projected to an individual who is not the Twinsoul, with all the sad consequences. You are basically saddling the other person with a responsibility they will never be able to live up to. 

What you really feel is soul recognition. This doesn't automatically result in a physical and loving relationship. You might have met the person for a completely different reason. We should not forget that this kind of bond should not be underestimated because it can profoundly anchor itself deep within the soul. 

Remember that when the person you love does not answer those same feelings and will not accept you as you are, they are not your twin soul. There is complete acceptance and trust between twinsouls without the need to own the other person. There aren't any ego games played out of fear. It would not benefit your mature and old soul when you meet your twin soul to play games with you. If one's soul has grown enough to meet their twinsoul, the desire to pretend or hide behind a mask has disappeared.'

A task on Earth

'Naturally, there will be fights at times. After all, you are both human beings with your own personalities, and there can be friction. Still, after an argument, the sky clears up again, and you continue with your collective purpose on Earth. There won't be any lingering hard feelings, no irritations, hidden agendas, or unspoken and negative smoldering feelings that could destroy the relationship. There is just not enough time for that because the common purpose on Earth needs to be designed and executed. There is no desire to shove responsibilities to the other. You will learn to carry these responsibilities together. 

There are souls who, after meeting a twinsoul, become anxious after feeling the overwhelming emotions in their hearts. In that case, you can seriously start doubting yourself and wonder whether your feelings are real. You have never experienced anything like it before. 

Life on Earth is short, and when twinsouls meet, they will start their mutual task on Earth as soon as possible, shortly after they have met each other. There is no time to be wasted. You agreed to meet each other long before the both of you were born. 

Before meeting your twinsoul, you know how to live on your own. Make sure you feel good on your own and are independent in every way. This way, you are preparing yourself for living with someone else. Feelings of despair mean that you don't have any faith in the course of your life, or you hope that someone else will rescue you from loneliness.'

Spiritual marriage

'You may have heard of the term "spiritual marriage." What exactly does this mean? In our life, we come across many soul mates at different levels. Some souls are connected at a high soul level. They each have their own soul mission and unite to fulfill a joint soul mission. These souls come together in the cosmos to merge. Many souls attend and celebrate this event; it is a beautiful and unique ritual. They come together, unite, and a tremendous spiritual and psychic power is released in the merging. That causes them - in addition to their unique energy - to create third energy with which they can complete their combined soul mission. After merging and their collective power is born, they become two separate souls again. However, because of the merging, they are always deeply connected. Merging can happen without both souls being on Earth in a body. One soul can live a life on Earth, while the other does not. This makes no difference to their joint soul mission. Their souls have developed and grown during many lifetimes on Earth. They have a high degree of self-knowledge and deep insight into themselves and others. They can love without conditions and do not search for happiness or fulfillment outside themselves. This has created a high degree of awareness. Therefore they can effortlessly handle the responsibility and intensity of a spiritual marriage.'