A spirit in a hurry

A woman reached out to me through email. She wanted an email reading about someone who died recently and was very dear to her. She added a photo of him. He was a handsome young man with a powerful personality and a great sense of humor, but he was also sweet and kindhearted.

I had a busy schedule with many readings, and I promised her I would do her reading within two weeks.
That same night, I was resting and watching my favorite television show. I noticed a spirit enter my living room, and he decided to sit next to me on my couch. I focused on his energy, and he made himself visible to me. I saw it was the handsome young man whose photo I had received earlier that day. I said Hello to him. He smiled and nodded. He asked, Can you do the reading right now? I didn't know why he wanted to do the reading now instead of later that week, but I knew from experience that his request had a clear purpose, so I agreed.

I walked upstairs to my office, and within a few seconds, he was standing in front of my desk. I pressed the record button and repeated what he said. He gave lots of information to my client. He talked fast, and I could feel he was in a hurry. After 30 minutes, the reading was complete, and I sent the recording to her. I hoped it would help her. At the beginning of the recording, I also told her that he had visited me that evening and sat on my couch, telling me he wanted to do the reading right now.

When she replied a few days later, it became clear why he wanted to do the reading that night. She told me she had great difficulty going to sleep since he passed. She cried herself to sleep every night. During the recorded session, he said several times that he crawled beside her in bed every night and stroked her hair. He kept repeating that. She thought she felt like he was lying beside her, but she also thought it was her wishful thinking. She was delighted to know that it wasn't her wishful thinking.

The night she received the recording, she was crushed by heartache. She was afraid she couldn't cope with her grief any longer. Just when she wanted to go to bed and almost turned off her smartphone, she heard the sound on her phone that she had received an email. It was my reading. She said it came at the perfect moment because she felt less pain after listening to what he said. She talked to him in bed that night and thanked him for being with her every night. She didn't shed any tears that night. She uses the recording and listens to his words whenever she feels overwhelmed by grief.

Deceased people who are so dear to us know what we are going through. I now understand why he was in such a hurry; the recording had to be delivered to her before she shut off her phone. She was at such a low point, and he wanted to help her immediately.


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