Contact with spirits during surgery

Spirit contact during surgery

One day I had to go to the hospital for a small operation. It’s not my favorite thing so the friendly attending nurse asked if she had to hold my hand until I went asleep. Yes please! The anesthesia did his job and the next moment I felt that I was outside my body. I couldn’t see my body but I somehow knew that my body was behind me and I was drifting in fast motion away from it. I didn’t feel scared or excited, it felt normal to me to be apart from my body.

And I was very aware and thinking to myself: ‘Wow…I am still ME without my body. I have the same thoughts, I am still the same.’ And I also ‘knew’ I wasn’t dead. The next moment I was standing in a room, the size of a large elevator. I was alone. The walls, ceiling and floor had a dull grey color. And I thought, what a dull color is this. The next moment two elderly woman suddenly stood in front of me. One woman started to talk to me without using her voice, we communicated through thoughts. She said she was the deceased mother of the nurse who held my hand.

She gave messages that I had to pass on to her. They are very personal so I don’t tell everything she said. One thing she kept repeating over and over;  that she loves her daughter (the nurse) and that I had to tell her this. She was really insistant about this. The second woman stood a bit behind the first woman. She didn’t say anything, she gave me a warm smile the whole time. She was the grandmother of the nurse. It felt to me that I was in the small room for a very long time. 

But suddenly I woke up, coming out of the anesthesia. The surgery only took 30 minutes. I grabbed the nurse’s hand. I was afraid I would forget all the information I had to tell her. Sometimes when we dream and we wake up, the dream becomes unclear to us, like it fades real fast. I was afraid the same would happen with this information. So I didn’t let go of her hand until I told everything. This must have looked quite hysterical but I promised her mother I would pass on everything she said. The nurse looked at me as if she saw a ghost and she didn’t say anything.

I fell asleep again, drunk from the effect of the anesthesia and when I woke up, the nurse was standing beside my bed in the recoveryroom. She wanted to know what had happened during the operation, what I saw and what I heard. I was happy that I could remember everything so vivid. The nurse told me that her relationship with her mother on earth was very difficult and complicated. She said; there is no way you could have made up all this information. You can not have known that my mother was such a difficult person, especially to herself. She was glad that her mother now knows the kind of pain she caused her, herself and others. And that she wanted to ask for forgiveness and let her daughter know how much she loves her.

What I also remember is that I came into the small room from a different direction than mother and grandmother. I somehow knew that we were standing in something that I would describe as an ‘inbetween portal’. There were little rooms everywhere. Thousands and thousands, next to eachother. I felt that if someone wants to talk to a deceased loved one, they can do so in one of these small rooms. I also felt there was a very distinct line between Heaven and Earth. They came from where they live now and I came from earth. In this ‘inbetween portal’ we could meet. So this wasn’t a near death experience.


Encounter Dreams:

Sometimes we have a dream about someone who has died. These are lifelike dreams in which we see the other person so clearly, such as the color of their eyes, all the details of their face. As if we stand real close to them.

You know when you wake up that a conversation has taken place but you hardly know what was said after waking up. These are real encounter dreams.

Sometimes we have a bad dream about someone who has been very sick before he or she died. We see that person in our dream the way he or she looked during the sickbed. This is not an encounter dream but a processing from your subconscious about what you have experienced.

Deceased loved ones never show themselves how they looked at the time of their sickbed. So if you have a dream in which someone looks healthy and happy and it feels to you as if it was almost real, then realize that it WAS real. We all leave our bodies a few times a night, during our sleep. This is called astral travel. I will write another blog about this subject.

I believe these encounter dreams take place while we travel in our sleep to the inbetween portal.