Our Spirit Guides

Your main Guide is always present. His or her 'job' is to assist you your entire life. Not in your face but always within reach. In every life you live, you have a different Guide. All these Guides also have a Guide. This is called an Oversoul. 

I have frequent contant with my main Guide and I write down a lot of what he tells me. I asked him one day if it was hard to be a main Guide. He said to me: 'No, it's not hard. I chose to do this with all my heart. Being your main Guide stimulates the growth of my soul. The learning and growing always continues. This never stops.

You must understand that life on earth is a very short period from our point of view. We have known each other for so long. You don't remember, but when you die you will remember again. Before you were born we lovingly agreed that I was going to be your main Guide.'

Our Guides know we have free will. They always help, love and support us. But we make our own final decisions.

We have one main Guide but also a lot of other Guides: our ancestors, deceased family and friends. Some are with us for a longer period, others come to visit us every now and then. They also help us, give us ideas, inspiration and love. Sometimes they want us to know the are with us, for instance when you turn on the radio and you hear a particular song that always reminds you of one deceased loved one. Or the lights start to flicker while you are thinking or talking about a certain loved one. They can also stop your wrist watch or clock. There are different levels of Guides, just like each person on earth has a different soul-level. There are master-guides. They are helping old souls on eartn.

Some years ago I was going through a very difficult period in my life. I had to think about my mother a lot. How much I missed her. I was moving house and I picked up a couple of books to put in the box. A little piece of paper fell on the floor. I didn't know I put this inside a book. It was a poem my mother wrote to me, years before she died. She wrote about how a difficult time always ends and that you sometimes just must keep going. Her timing couldn't be better to tell me this!

We can ask our Guides to help us. We humans don't do this enough. We can ask for 'big' help or 'small' help (ask for a free parking space and see what happens ;)) We have the best contact when we are not thinking, when our mind is empty. When we think too much, we question the things we feel. Start meditating daily. Ask for deeper contact with your Guides. You have a whole team around you who love and support you. Never forget that...