Past lives and the common threads.

Past lives and the common threads.


During a soul reading* I receive detailed information about the past lives of my client. I notice that the spirit guides often discuss the last five lives on Earth. There can be many years - sometimes even hundreds of years - between lives; these are called 'in-between lives.'


The threads that runs through these five lives is explained. I'll give an example. I recently spoke with a client who was discovering her psychic abilities. She took courses in this, and everything felt so natural to her, much to her surprise. 'Am I able to give consultations like you in the future?' was one of her questions.


The guides said a wealth of knowledge within her was about to surface again. She had accelerated and mastered this enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom in her last five lives. The guides gave clear examples to her. They showed that she had built a deep connection with the four elements earth, fire, water and air in those lives.


I saw how she lived in Australia with members of her tribe. She could sense when a disaster like an earthquake or flooding was coming long before it was visible. She would then sit in deep meditation, address the four elements and tell them imperiously that she did not want this disaster to destroy her people and land. In this way, they were spared disaster.


My client thought this story was amazing. She said she moved to a new place a few years back. It was the house of her dreams. When she had unpacked all the moving boxes, she sat down on the couch and said out loud; I want this house to be safe at all times. This house is not touched by misery or adversity. This house will always be a house of love, security and safety.


A couple of months later, a tornado passed through her area. It wasn't a massive tornado but big enough to rip parts off roofs and knock down all the trees like matchsticks. However, her house was the only house that remained completely intact. Not a single fallen tree in her garden or roof tiles had been ripped away.


Her guides showed me another life in which she was extremely happy with her great love. They lived with their seven children in the east of Ireland, near the sea. It was a simple but very happy life. Your then-husband is now your current partner, the guides said.

My client was so amazed at what the guides said. With her current partner, she has been looking for a small second home in Ireland for some time because this country feels like home to both.


People often say; a specific country attracts me so much; I feel so happy when I'm there, and I don't know why. It always feels like coming home. Sometimes people can get emotional just by smelling a particular country's air. That's for a reason. It evokes long-forgotten memories and emotions. To their surprise, people often know where to go in a city or area they have never been to.


The Soul forgets nothing. Every experience, big or small, is stored in our soul memory.


*A Soul reading is about your Soul's blueprint and journey; a reading about your past lives. It gives answers to questions like:

• Why are you here on Earth? What made you decide to be born again?

• What are your talents?

• What is your passion, your soul mission?

• What personal qualities and skills want to surface now and in your future?

• What was your relationship with your main spirit guide in previous lives?

• Who were you in past lives, what did you do, and where did you live?

• In which phase of your life are you now?

• How can you make deeper contact with your spirit guides?


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