Animals and Spirits

People often see butterflies and birds as special animals of a higher order. Some people say that birds are actually Angels.

I think our Guides and deceased loved ones use birds and butterflies in a positive way to signal us. The animals work together with the Spirit World. A boy gave a speech about his deceased mother during a ceremonial service. As he spoke, a little bird landed on his head. The bird didn't flutter around the church first, but landed purposefully on the head of the boy. You could hear the people say 'Oh' and 'Ah'. It was a magical moment. The bird allowed for it to be picked up as well. Commenting afterwards, the boy knew that this bird was a sign of his deceased mother. 

During a live broadcast on television, the presentator talked about the disappearance of a woman. A butterfly swooped down and landed on the papers on his desk laying in front of him. He said that the butterfly could have flown anywhere in the large tv-studio but decided to land exactly on that paper on that moment. When he saw it, he said he knew that the woman was no longer alive. That was his first thought. Unfortunately I can't find this clip on Youtube.

All animals are special Above. No matter how small. And all animals have a very strong intuition and 6th sense. This is a video about how animals react. They are so much in tune with their surroundings and their gut-feeling. 


People often want a reading about their deceased pet. For me there is no difference between contact with a deceased animal, pet or human. The communication is the same. They love to visit their owners. I often hear that people smell their deceased cat or dog out of the blue for a couple of seconds. That's their way to let you know they are still around. When I communicate with a loved one, they often show me that they are together with their deceased pets. We all go to the same Heaven, animals and humans. 

Animals are living in the NOW, in the present moment. That is one of the things we can learn from our animal-friends. And the unconditional love they give is unbelievable. They mourn just like we do. It always breaks my heart when a dog waits for their owner to return. Remember the movie Hachi with Richard Gere? Based on a true story.

Pay notice if you see an animal trying to get your attention, especially birds. The first person you think about when you see a bird or butterfly trying to get your attention is the one who wants you to know that he or she is around you.

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