Astral Travel-Adventures while you sleep

Astral Travel-Adventures while you sleep

Our soul leaves our bodies a few times a night; yes, this happens to everybody although most of us can’t remember it the next day. Some of us are capable of remembering those out-of-body voyages or astral travels. You always do this with your Guide; you never travel alone. You stay connected to your body with a cord. Your lifecord. Sometimes when you return to fast back into your body, it feels like you fall. It wakes you up. You can compare it with a bumpy landing.

When we die, the cord disconnects from our body. I’m not certain, but perhaps that’s where the phrase ‘The man with the scythe’ comes from. Our body has its limits and at night, we can finally get out. We are not our body; we have a body, we are a soul. We are souls having a human experience.

Where do go during an astral journey? You can visit deceased loved ones. You can visit other planets, other dimensions. But you can also go to other places on earth, other countries. You travel by thinking about your destination, where you want to go. You travel in a blink of an eye. This is the same way aliens travel. That's why their ships go so incredibly fast.

We all have our own soulgroup. Some members of our soulgroup are spirits, others are living in different parts of the world. When you want to gather and talk about your joint missions on earth, you also meet them (your soulgroup) astral. But what about the time difference. When you sleep it’s daytime on the other side of the world? Don’t worry, members of your soulgroup will all be sleeping when you meet. That's why you sometimes can’t resist the urge to take a power nap during the day. Sometimes you really need to rest and sometimes your soul wants to travel during your nap.

The Universe is one big giant library. Constantly expanding. If you want answers to your questions, answer to a problem, receive insight in your situation and so on, then you go to the library. I’m sure you remember that sometimes you are doubting what to do. You wake up in the morning and it’s suddenly cristal clear to you what you should do. We often say to others and to ourselves; I’m going to sleep on it and then make a decision. Now you know why ;-)

You can say to your Guide before you go to sleep; I want to remember my astral journeys when I wake up. Or; I want to visit the library tonight to get insight or receive answers about this or this. Or; I want to meet this person in my sleep and I want to remember it when I wake up. Keep pen and paper next to your bed so you can write down what you experienced.

I offer a 30 minute free meditation. There is a part in this meditation where I take you to the library (I also bring you back to earth, don't worry). Maybe you find it easier the first time if I guide you. You can find it on the homepage.