The transformation of people's questions. A massive shift is happening.

Published on 18 June 2024 at 15:01

You've probably heard the term 'spiritual awakening. ' It is a process of self-discovery and personal growth that often involves a shift in consciousness. I notice firsthand in my practice that the questions people ask me have changed significantly over the last decade. A huge shift and transformation are happening.


What do I notice as a psychic medium?


When I started giving readings more than thirty years ago, people hardly asked me questions about their inner growth as humans and souls, nor about spirit guides, who they are, how they can grow closer to them, and how they can recognize their signs and support.


Instead, they were more interested in questions like 'When will I find love?' or 'Will I get that promotion?' there was little interest in past lives or personal development. People were more focused on the outside world and tended to blame the world for things going wrong; they didn't realize they had a massive influence on many circumstances.


Many were looking for quick-fix answers without doing inner work, which involves self-reflection, meditation, and other practices that help us understand ourselves better. They also found it challenging to listen to their intuition or spirit guides, often our inner voices guiding us toward our highest good. They only wanted to hear what they wanted, not what they needed to hear.


There was more 'victim-role' going on, a mindset where individuals believe they are powerless and that external circumstances control their lives. For instance, the men and women who felt they were constantly attracting the 'wrong' partner believed the Universe did this to make them unhappy.

This upset them, while the truth was that through the 'wrong' partners, they could discover what they wanted in a partner. The Universe was helping them to sort this all out.

They had difficulty believing this, so they only wanted to know when they would meet the man or woman of their dreams without any inner work and a more profound understanding of themselves.


As a psychic medium, my role is to provide guidance and insights to those seeking answers. I noticed very early on that people tended to become addicted to hearing predictions.

Some also wanted to hear what to do regarding every small choice in life without listening to their guiding system, becoming dependent on me. So, I had to set a rule that people could contact me at most twice a year. We all have perfect intuition; I didn't want anyone to become dependent on me and disrespect their own gut feelings.

Over the last decade, there has been an enormous increase in the number of people embarking on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


They want to know why they are here on Earth, what made them decide to be born again, what their soul mission is, who they were in previous lives, where they lived and what they did, and how they can get a deeper connection with their spirit guides. This shared quest for understanding and growth connects us all.   

There is less interest in shallow questions. People feel a strong urge to look beyond and seek personal growth —this is spiritual awakening—and my in-depth readings, which delve into their past lives, soul missions, and spirit guides, match their interests.

The questions also transformed from when to what.

For instance, When will I meet a partner or when will I find the right job? These questions transformed into: What can I do to meet the right partner? What can I do to get the job or career that fulfills me? 


It's truly a beautiful and fascinating transformation. As the questions have evolved, so have my readings. People are awakening to their own power and responsibility in shaping their lives.

They are actively seeking ways to improve their lives and expand their awareness. This shift is a testament to their hope and optimism for a brighter future, inspiring us all to take charge of our own journeys.

They went from focusing on their outer world, which includes their relationships, careers, and other external factors, to concentrating on their inner world, which involves their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

This is such an incredible shift. First, we must change our inner world to get the changes we want in our outer world.


I'm grateful to help so many with their fantastic shifts. For instance, I've seen individuals once stuck in a victim-role mindset transform into empowered beings who take charge of their lives.

It's a great time to be alive. What's happening now is massive for humanity!

This shift in focus from the external to the internal, from 'when' to 'what ', is a powerful testament to our potential for change and growth. It fills us with hope and optimism for the future.



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Jimmy S
a month ago

Thank you for this. I am here to help others. I can feel a shift. Every time in the news and or when people say it’s coming to the end of the world, I believe them. I believe it’s an end of a belief system more mental and spiritual not physically like a bomb or comet. Everyone is awakening little by little. It’s exciting. Thank you because I have been feeling this for years and no one has put it into words like this. By reading this I know I am in my path.