Important message from my Guides about 2019

Important message from my Guides about the year 2019 and the years that follow.

'This year -2019- is an important year. Why? Many things are going to change this year. Not only in the world around you, but also within yourself.

From 2012 everyone had the same choice to join or not to join with the new energy of earth. There was plenty of time to make a choice.

Now you are standing on the threshold to fully integrate the new energy. The energy of the last few years has often caused (extreme) fatigue and vague complaints. This will soon be over. Going into a new energy always gives fluctuations in energy.

When you read this, you are ready for the new energy. If you had not been ready for it, you would never have found this website. This website simply would not exist in your reality.

So what does it mean and what can you do to integrate the new energy on earth?

It means that you start to live and work with energy that comes from your heart. This is one sentence but it includes many things.

Over the past years, you already noticed that you took your intuition more serious. It became more important to you.

What can you do to keep flowing with the new energy on earth? Meditate. Spend time in nature. Grow your vegetables and fruit yourself (even if you have very little space for this). Drink lots of water.

Let the noise of the outside world pass you by. By this we mean negative influences in your immediate environment and through the internet, social media, TV and radio.

Let your common sense speak. Something feels good or something does not feel good.  You will live more and more from your heart, which will open a new world for you. Like-minded souls will enter your life. You help each other to reach new heights on every level. There is no limit to growth.

This will extend to everything; healthcare, nutrition, science, governments, politics, schoolsystems, money institutions, nature etc. The list is endless. A new world is now being created for the generations that follow. And you are a very important part of this!

Because you are now on the threshold, you can sometimes feel the confusion of the people around you; the people who have chosen not to go with the new energy. They unconsciously feel what is going on and this can evoke resistance in them, which they project on the people around them. 

It is now more important than ever to not be confused. Stick to your truth, what your heart is telling you. You know deep inside what your truth is. When your emotions become overwhelming, go meditate and return to your natural state of being. 

We –your Guides- know how important these times on earth are. We help you, more than you will ever know. And there are many other energies looking at earth at this moment because it’s a very important and enormous change.  


Earth is changing and because of this, the whole Universe is changing.


Good times ahead dear reader!'