How did I discover?

When did I discover my 6th Sense?

Sometimes people ask me: "When did you know or find out that you have a 6th Sense, that you are a Psychic Medium?".

I found out at a police station when I was seven years old. And it was a shocking experience for me.

One afternoon I walked home with my best friend. Suddenly we saw a man across the street who showed us his genitals. He then got into his car and drove away. My best friend's mother immediately called the police when we told her what had happened. They took us very seriously and the next day after school my girlfriend, her mother and I went to the police station. I found this very exciting. I had never seen a police station from the inside or talked to a police officer. He wanted to talk to us separately. He asked us a lot of questions about how he looked and what he did and about his car. I wanted to do my very best to give as much detailed information as possible. I was serious, focused and very concentrated.

Almost at the end of our conversation the policeman showed me a photo album and asked me if I recognized the man on one of the photos. I didn't know then at the age of 7 that when I focus and concentrate, I can 'read' people on photos. I didn't know that I could feel their energy and see what their life is about. So I looked at the first photo and concentrated very hard because I didn't want to accuse the wrong man.

My parents taught me never to talk to strangers and walk away. When I looked at the first photo, I realized why my parents told me I should never talk to strangers. With my third eye (I had no clue at that time that people have a third eye) I saw young children, naked and abused by the man in the photo. This was a photo album with sex offenders.

I became so scared and confused because I had never realized that adults could do this to children. How could I? I was only 7. I had trouble breathing, I felt an overwhelming fear in my body. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream NO! at the things I saw with my third eye. Stop this - you monster - leave these children alone!

And at the same time, I wanted to do my best to help the police officer identify the man we saw on the street. So I tried to control myself, to control this anxiety attack. I shook my head and I said; this is not the man we saw. I turned the page and the next picture of another man brought me the same horrible things. And the next and the next…it didn't seem to end. I recognized 3 men; one was a swimming lesson instructor at our City pool, who taught young children to get their swimming diploma. I did not like this man, he often shouted at us in the water. He always wore sunglasses with mirrored glass so that you saw yourself in his glasses and you couldn't see his eyes. That gave me the shivers.

Two other men I recognized took care of all the trees and plants in the city where I lived. One of them had approached my girlfriend in a park where he was mowing the grass. He asked for a kiss on his cheek and later asked her if she wanted to sit on the back of his bike. She ran away.

Sexual predators go where they can come into contact with young children. I would never let my child go to summer camp, scouting and so on - without first finding out who works there. There are many people with a good heart, thank God. But better safe than sorry because the offender waits for an opportunity.

The man we saw was not in the photo album and I was so happy to go outside. I was shaking, I was sweating - I wanted fresh air and to talk to my girlfriend about all the terrible things we saw through the pictures. I was convinced that she had seen them too. But when I met her outside, she was happy and cheerful.
And when I asked her about all the things these men did, she looked at me like I spoke Chinese. She saw, felt or heard nothing while looking at the photos.
Then I realized that I was different. I immediately felt so alone. I saw evil that day and wondered if I had made up everything?

Seeing things, knowing things, hearing things and talking to deceased people was and is just as normal for me as breathing. And until the age of seven I always thought that everyone experienced the same thing.

I decided not to tell anyone, afraid that I was seen as weird, a freak or as someone with a big fantasy. It is strange that many children automatically assume that things are their fault or that they are doing something wrong.

Always take a child seriously when he or she talks about things it sees. You can tell by their eyes if they make this up, have a big fantasy or if they feel this with their sixth sense.




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