What is a Trance medium? Trance mediumship, Spirit communication or Channeling. 

Guardian Angels

Every psychic, psychic medium or trance medium channels in his or her own unique way. As long as I can remember I always felt the presence of my spirit guides.

My earliest memory was when I was about three years old. I was alone in the livingroom, my mother must have been in the kitchen. I stood on a stepping stool and looked out the window. We lived in an apartment on the second floor.

A flock of birds in V-formation flew by. Suddenly, that V turned into a large bright woman. She looked like an angel to me. I immediately felt very connected to her and I had a feeling that I had seen her before...somewhere, somehow.

She seemed phenomenal, dressed in white with her long blonde hair, dancing in the wind. She moved very gracefully, almost in slow motion. I thought: Oh, there you are again. We connected as she faced me.

In my memory she floaded in front of me for fifteen or twenty seconds. And then she transformed back into a group of birds high in the sky. They made the V-shape and I followed them with my eyes for as long as possible.

You can say; you were young and little children fantasize a lot. That’s true. But there is one thing that matches the feelings I had with her and the feelings I have with my guides now. It consists of the following emotions:

- The feeling of immediate confidence

- The feeling of security

- The feeling of being loved

- The feeling of recognition

Trusting your spirit guides

These feelings ensure that I fully trust my spirit guides. Because trust is very important, especialy when I give a trance medium reading. If you do not fully trust your spirit guides, then you do not dare to open up and work with them as a psychic, medium or trance medium. Building the connection and the trust with your spirit guides is always a very good idea, but also if you want to develop your own psychic abilities.

When my spirit guide works with me as a trance medium, I start to feel a sensation in my throat. I go into a form of trance where I feel my consciousness moving to the background. I lend myself to be taken over or ‘controlled’ by my spirit guides. I still feel that I am in control but I give permission to my spirit guides to talk.

Psychic trance

Sometimes people ask me: how does it feel to be a trance medium and to do trance medium readings and what does it mean to be controlled by spirit?  It has nothing to do with being controlled, or with being possessed. It feels like working together. Working and helping humans, together with the spirit world - the spirit guides. I do not leave my body during a trance medium reading so spirit guides can enter. They work through me when I give a trance medium reading. That is the difference.

And the amount of knowledge… My goodness…when I listen back to my trance medium readings I can not believe the words of wisdom coming from the spirit world.

When I go into trance mediumship I notice:

- A slowing of my heart rate

- A steady, slow and deep way of breathing

- My body temperature drops

- My own thoughts vanish

- I still can hear outside noises, but more in the background

- I hear what my spirit guides say through my vocal cords, but from a distance, like I am in another part of the room.


There are various degrees of trance mediumship control. From light trance to very deep trance. Until now, I only experienced one form of trance. I feel a strong sharing of mental and physical energies.  When my spirit guide speaks through me, my voice pattern, inflection and general manner of speech differs from my own way of speaking. My spirit guides also have a greater vocabulair than I have.

The blue print of your soul

Often when I give a trance medium reading or psychic medium reading, my spirit guides give a healing also. People feel calm and relaxt after the reading. Clients tell me that this relaxing feeling often stays with them for days after the trance medium reading. A trance medium reading is all about your souls blueprint. 

Medium and Trance Medium, also known as Channeling. 

This means that I can communicate with deceased loved ones and Spirit Guides. I also give my Spirit guides the opportunity to speak through me. All Mediums are also Psychics, but not all Psychics are Mediums. I can never force a spirit to connect with me. That's not up to me. Most spirits really love to connect with us. We take our personality with us when we die. It's really only our body we leave behind. I never came accross a spirit who was sad or wanted to return to his or her body. They often say that they are 'Home' now. Their energy feels so alive and cheerful. Especially when their body was causing them a lot of pain and dependency on earth. Or when they suffered from a horrible brain decease like Alzheimers. They are glad to be free from their pain and illness. They can see the bigger picture now. Everything they forgot when they were born, they remember instantly when they die. Every piece of the puzzle falls into place. We all have so many ancestors who help us. We probably don't know them, but they know you, you share a bloodline. They watch over you and help where they can.

Trance mediumship meditation

Are you interested to make contact with your own spirit guides? I offer a free 30 minute guided meditation. I show you how you can make contact with those who love and support you in the spirit world: deceased loved ones and spirit guides.


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