Spiritual Connection

Have you ever met another person and immediately got the feeling that you have known each other for the longest time? Or have you ever met someone and you could really feel that you were meant to be lovers or close friends and felt such a strong connection to each other? If so, you might have come across a very special kind of connection called a spiritual connection.

What is a spiritual connection?

Having a spiritual connection with someone means you are connected on a very deep and intense level. Think about connecting with other people on 4 principal levels. These levels are: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Having a spiritual connection with someone is really special, and if you have not encountered this kind of connection with someone in life, you could very well believe that it is something that is crazy or made up.

A spiritual connection goes deeper than the other 3 levels on which you can connect with someone and your spiritual energy knows what is right for you. It is the strongest bond you can ever experience with someone. Silence plays a big role. In spiritually connected relationships it is not always necessary to express how you feel. The other person will understand you without your words and will reciprocate. It is a real connection from the mind and soul. You don’t know where to begin to explain the feeling but you just feel that it’s right inside.

Spiritual connection and health

Research has shown that there is a direct link between spiritual and physical health. Being spiritually healthy, maintaining these connections and supporting each other in the journey of life is very important. Combined with a healthy body, this can be the stepping stone to leading you on the right track and finding those people and places that make you happiest in life.

How to recognize a real spiritual connection

How can you recognize that the connection you have with someone is on a spiritual level:

  • You feel free and liberated. You don’t feel like anything is holding you back and can express whatever and whenever you want.
  • You are honest not only to them, but they also help you to be honest to yourself.
  • You know you will not be judged negatively.
  • You feel guided and supported by them in your purpose in life. They will help you achieve your goals through self-improvement.
  • There is blind trust between you. You would theoretically catch a bullet for this person.
  • You are both equals meaning there is no superior.
  • Intimacy is not just sexual but you feel linked by heart.
  • Communicating silently is enough to let the other person know how you are feeling. Words are not always necessary.

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Whether you call it a spiritual connection or a soul mate, finding this kind of bond with someone is a sensation that is quite unexplainable. A true gift in life! If you wish to book a soulmate reading (to find out if someone is your soulmate) or another psychic reading, make sure to check our overview of services. In need of immediate clear answer to your questions? Call 1-800 28 360 88.

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