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Trance Medium Reading: Your Personal Soul Reading


What is a channeled personal soul reading?

It’s all about YOU; the blueprint of your soul, the journey of your soul and your unique gift to this world. The Spirit guides will tell you how they see you through their eyes. 

Before I start the recording I go into a short meditation.

During this meditation I go into trance and my Guides speak through me.

This is called Trance Mediumship or Channeling. 


‘When looking back hurts and looking ahead makes you scared – look next to you – I walk along with you – every single day …. your Guide


What will you hear?

  • Why are you here on earth, what made you decide to be born again?
  • What are your talents?
  • What is your passion, your soul mission?
  • What personal qualities and talents want to come to the surface now and in your future?
  • What was your relationship with your Main Spirit guide in previous lives?
  • Who where you in previous lives and where did you live?
  • In which phase of your life are you now?
  • How can you make deeper contact with your own Spirit guides?
  • All further information your Spirit guides wants to share with you


It's profound information through which you get to know and understand yourself better. Our Spirit guides love us unconditionally, and you hear that during the recording. The words are brought to you in a very loving and down-to-earth way.

This Trance Medium reading is meant to help you, to help you remember who you really are, to let you know how much love, guidance and support there is for you, that you are unique and that you are here for a reason. 


A Personal Soul Reading is USD 99

Duration recording: between 30 and 45 minutes.


What do I need from you? Only your photo and first name. That’s all. When I'm finished with your personal soul reading I will delete your photo. After I have received your order, I will E-mail you within 24 hours.

You can expect the recording within two weeks in your mailbox. If you want to give a Soul Reading as a gift to someone else, then I need written permission from that person.


What is a Trance Medium?


Reviews Personal Soul Reading:

Dear Barbara,

THANKS from the bottom of my SOUL for this reading.

It is nice to be able to feel so close to you and that you have been able to do this for me.
It was as if you were visiting me because you spoke instead of write!
It's so different to hear what you say than to read words, besides it's very nice to hear your beautiful warm voice.
I want to let everything sink in and I really enjoyed the healing effect that this gift carries!
Great thanks to my loyal Spirit guides and to you dear Barbara.

I wish you all Good, Light and Love with deep gratitude



Hello Barbara,

How nice! Funny that the recording came today, on the birthday of our daughter and actually I already knew that.
I am really impressed. What a recognition and what a nice messages! I can confirm everything you say.

Had to laugh at the end. You said my Spirit guide said 'Namaste' and bowed with folded hands. Exactly what I always do after yoga at home. I always say this on purpose. That he did that felt like a wink haha.

Thank you very much for this.



Dear Barbara,

I really enjoyed hearing my personal soul reading from you! Wow!

I received much validation and confirmation for truths that resonate with me. I will continue to re-listen. Thank you so much for your

loving transmission.

With Love, L

'We are all Source Energy. We come from Source Energy and we return to Source Energy

time after time....'


The process before you were born: