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Soulmates – Twinflames - Twinsouls

Is he or she my soulmate or twinsoul?

I love answering questions about relationships. Because they teach us so much about ourselves. And ofcourse you want to know if he or she is THE ONE, and if you have a future together?

Relationships can be very complicated and it can be such an eye-opener if I can explain to you what is happening.

I don't believe in coincidence; you have met eachother for a reason. 

From my point of view it doesn’t matter if someone is or isn’t your soulmate. Every single person you meet brings something in your life. A lesson, a friendship, a mirror, a love-relationship and so on.

Sometimes I hear someone say; 'If he/she isn’t my soulmate, I don’t want to waste my time with him/her.'

But what if he or she is your path TO your soulmate?


We learn from every relationship. I see relationships as a staircase. We find out what we do want and what we don’t want through relationships. Every relationship is important. When we learn we go one step higher.

There are all kinds of ‘checklists’ on the internet to find out if he or she is a soulmate or twinflame. However, your heart is the only ‘checklist’ you need. Yes, you can be overwhelmed by someone. The attraction can be so powerful and intense.

Far more interesting to know is: why did you meet him or her? What do you want to learn together or individually?


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