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Free meditation 'power-half-hour'

Together with my Guides I made a 30 minute Meditation/Energy exercise.

You can do this meditation/energy exercise as often as you like.

We recommend at least once a week. Everytime you listen to the meditation, it will become stronger and more powerful.

Your body knows what is coming and it will respond with direct relaxation once it hears the first minute of the meditation again.

We have combined powerful tools for you in this meditation.

Allow yourself to heal, to forgive yourself, to grow, to connect with source energy, connect with your spirit guides, attract what you want and to become who you really are.

Give yourself this ‘power-half-hour’. 


Some benefits of meditating:

Your left and right part of the brain will work together better. Meditating helps you to be guided less by external factors. Your blood pressure drops drastically. Meditating lowers the heart rate. The speed of breathing is decreasing. The biological age is measured lower through meditation. EMG activities are increasing. More confidence. Emotional stability is increasing. Meditation contributes to improving relationships at home and at work. The flexibility of the muscles increases. It provides better resistance and endurance. Your movement and reaction speed increases. The intake of oxygen is strengthened. Meditating contributes to reducing menstrual pain. Increases the effectiveness of your breathing. Improves your body posture and hand-eye coordination. Meditating stabilizes the autonomic nervous system. Increases your energy level and vitality, reduces pain. The production of serotonin is increasing. It develops your will power. It reduces the risk of mental illness.

I say; enough reasons to give it a try! 



Duration: 30 minutes.

Goals: healing, relaxation, activating your 3rd eye, connect with your Spirit guides, loving yourself, setting healthy boundaries, setting your goals, knowlegde from the Universal Library and much more.

Don’t drive or use heavy machinery while you are listening to this recording. For entertainment only. You must be 18 years or older. You are not allowed to sell, share or copy this link or recording.


If you order this free online meditation, I will send you a link to a hidden Youtube-page, only visable for you.