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Healing Meditation

Self healing, you are a natural born healer

You are a natural born healer. Many people forget that they are a natural born healer. You have strong abilities to work together with your body as a team. Your body wants to work together with you. Your body is your friend, not your enemy. Your body listens to what you say, what you think and how you feel about your body. You are giving your body feedback and comments all day, every day without realising this. Take the time to become aware of what you are telling to yourself and your body.

Your body has trillions of intelligent cells. And these cells always want to go back to their natural healthy state of being. Is it not wonderful to know that you can help your body achieve this and work together with your body as a team. Your body loves you unconditionally. But what about you? Do you love your body unconditionally?

What is love for self?

Make room in your life to meditate every day and give yourself a healing. Your body knows exactly what it needs to stay or become healthy. Give yourself permission to work on your health. This is self love. Reprogramm your thoughts you have about yourself and your body. Become aware of the negative thoughts you have about yourself and your body. If you tell your body often enough how much you dislike it or how much you dislike certain bodyparts, over time, your body will respond to this. Action=reaction. What you send out comes back to you. What you give your undivided attention, grows.

So why not give undivided attention to your body in a positive way? Your body will respond to this. Not overnight, but if you give your body positive attention and feedback you will start to notice a change.

How to start the healing meditation?

Make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. When you focus on your breathing it is easier to relax. When you notice that your mind is too busy, force yourself to focus on your breathing. Your thoughts will stop when you focus only on breathing in and breathing out. Focus on your lower belly while breathing. Your breath is the key to the entry of your inner world. When you develop a steady rhythm you begin to create a certain vibration that allows your body to slow down. You change your brainwave cycles when you slow down and you allow yourself to be in another state of consciousness. Take the time you need to become relaxed.

The power of self healing

Imagine that just above your head, a tiny bal of golden light appears. It has the size of a small apple. It gives off warmth. A nice soothing warmth. You feel this comfortable warmth over your face. It feels soothing, it feels safe and you enjoy this feeling.

Imagine that the golden ball slowly grows bigger and bigger. First it had the size of a small apple, now it is oval shaped and the golden light covers your head and entire upper body. It keeps on growing bigger and now it has the size of your entire body. It floats just above your body, giving off warmth and healing. It heals your skin, your muscles, your organs, your bones, all your cells. It calms your mind. Your entire body and mind receive this tremendous healing of the golden light just above you.

Your mind and your heart are one with your body at this moment. You are giving yourself a great gift by being so in tune with your body during this healing. Because at that moment, you are accepting who you are. Stay for as long and as often as you want in this meditation.

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