Barbara in the Past Lives podcast: My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories

Recently, I was a guest on host Simon Bown's Past Lives podcast. Here I got the opportunity to talk about my book 'My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories: Plus Exercises and Meditations to Expand and Deepen Your Awareness'. Feel free to listen to the podcast and find out all about my special experiences in a nice and open conversation.


About the book: 'My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories: Plus Exercises and Meditations to Expand and Deepen Your Awareness'

In this book, I take you on a journey into my psychic life. I share my breathtaking story of my communication with a firefighter who died during 9/11 and the search for his widow. I also describe in detail my out-of-body experience during an operation where I met deceased relatives of the nurse holding my hand. I had to pass on their messages to her.


I recount evidence of life after death and evidence of reincarnation. About the innumerable signals from the universe and heaven and how to recognise them. I also share beautiful stories about signs from beloved pets.


In addition, I explain what happens when we die and why we choose to be born again. My memorable and intriguing stories of what happened during many psychic readings will stay with you for a long time. Plenty to talk about, then. That's why I like to invite you to listen to the podcast.


Valuable lessons

With my book, I hope to give you tools on how to listen to your soul and discover your passion and soul mission in this life, among other things. But besides that, there is so much more I would like to tell you with my book. Are you emotionally intelligent? Do you have low or high awareness? What is Karma? You name it.


Get to know me

My name is Barbara Bandel and I started my medium practice over 25 years ago. How time flies when you're having fun! As a child, I often read pictures to my classmates. Seeing deceased people and communicating with my spirit guides was normal for me. When I was young, I couldn't find any information about (trance) mediumship, psychics, readings or how to develop psychic gifts. There was a book here and there in the public library, but that was it.


As a child, I loved being alone and talking to my guides. As I got older, I decided to find a 'normal' job. I became a secretary for a few years, but that never really fulfilled me. Giving psychic readings is my true passion. I decided to help as many people as possible.


I have often been invited to speak on television and radio about this beautiful profession and to give live psychic readings. I have also written a book on various interesting paranormal topics and what it is like to be a paranormal medium.


I was born and raised in the Netherlands and am a proud mother of two sons. How different times are now with the internet and the various paranormal television and radio programmes.