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Spirit guide/soul reading. The blueprint of your soul.


What is a Spirit guide/soul reading?

It’s all about YOU; the blueprint of your soul, the journey of your soul and your unique gift to this world. The Spirit guides will tell you how they see you through their eyes. 


‘When looking back hurts, and looking ahead makes you scared – look next to you – I walk along with you – every single day …. your Guide'


What will you hear?

  • Why are you here on earth, what made you decide to be born again?
  • What are your talents?
  • What is your passion, your soul mission?
  • What personal qualities and talents want to come to the surface now and in your future?
  • What was your relationship with your Main Spirit guide in previous lives?
  • Who where you in previous lives and where did you live?
  • In which phase of your life are you now?
  • How can you make deeper contact with your own Spirit guides?
  • All further information your Spirit guides wants to share with you


It's profound information through which you get to know and understand yourself better. Our Spirit guides love us unconditionally, and you hear that during our session. The words are brought to you in a very loving and down-to-earth way.

This reading is meant to help you, to help you remember who you really are, to let you know how much love, guidance and support there is for you, that you are unique and that you are here for a reason. 


A Personal Soul Reading is $149

Duration recording: between 30 and 45 minutes.


What do I need from you? Only your photo and first name. You can send your photo to info@barbara-psychicmedium.com

I delete your photo right after my reading.

You can expect the recording within two weeks in your mailbox. 


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