Am I Psychic?

Signs you are psychic.


Psychic potential is a universal gift, inherent in every individual. However, as we journey through life, this innate ability often recedes into the background, overshadowed by the emphasis on rationality and logic. 

By recognizing these essential features and signs, you are not just acknowledging your psychic abilities, but also empowering yourself to explore and develop them further. This self-awareness is the first step towards a more profound spiritual journey. 

One of the key signs of psychic abilities is energy sensitivity, the ability to feel the energy in various environments and situations. This sensitivity can be honed and developed through self-awareness and personal growth, leading to a deeper understanding of your psychic potential.

You have a great interest in paranormal topics.

When you see someone for the first time, you know what kind of personality you are dealing with within a few seconds.

You sometimes see a small white or black orb moving from the corner of your eye. If you turn your head to the sphere, it is gone. These small balls are souls.

You feel that you are here on earth for a purpose.

You feel that you are your body for a small part and your soul for a more significant amount. And you also feel that you are eternal.

You can sometimes experience homesickness (especially when you were younger), but you don't know why.

You feel different from others. You are often lonely and misunderstood. You can have a hard time connecting with others. You long for a real heart-to-heart soul connection.

You feel no need to belong. You would rather be alone than try to fit into something you are not.

People often seek your advice. You usually quickly determine the solution and what changes could resolve the situation.

You see details of nature and also beauty.

You like surrounding yourself with beautiful colors, soft light, flowers and plants. You instinctively feel that this benefits your sense of well-being.

If you find that you need more time alone to recharge your energy, try planning your week to include regular periods of solitude. This can help you protect your energy limits and maintain a healthy balance in your life.

You can feel what someone else is feeling without having experienced it yourself.

You are happy when someone is doing well and try to keep as much distance as possible from negative people and hostility.

You live consciously, thinking about what you do in life and the consequences of your actions on yourself and others. You are aware of the concept of Karma.

It is a natural thing for you to be of service.

You feel that you are not alone and that your spirit guides and the universe are helping and supporting you.

You know that there is more between heaven and earth. That is a fact for you.

If you resonate with the constant need to learn and develop yourself, consider exploring this further. There are many resources available, such as books, courses, and workshops, that can help you understand and develop your psychic potential.

You are gentle towards everything that lives.

When you stare at a wall or a candle, you feel you are automatically moving to another level of consciousness.

You do not condemn because you know and feel that everyone here on earth is to learn and that one person is more mature on a soul level than another.

You never stay in a victim role for long, and you don't blame others for your life's circumstances.

You know that you create your own life through your thoughts. 

You feel the power and manifestation of everything you say to yourself 

after the 2 words: I AM ...