Hello Barbara...I asked my mother about the great grandmother you told me about and she just said what you have told me ...I am really surprised...OMG Barbara...I felt so connected to Her that moment ... I am so happy that people who passed away are somehow with us and their memory is not forgotten. My mom told me some stories about my great grandmother...pity I didn't know her but strangely I love her.. Warm Regards , and pity I can't meet you but I will always have you in my heart for the person you are... Love N


Hi Barbara

I want to thank you enormously for your support. The house has been sold, it went exactly like you said, and I am very happy!

Love, T (Netherlands)


I can’t thank you enough Barbara, for all the help and guidance. You are patient with me and always so kind in your readings. Accurate, of course, always. You gave me specific details about things I hadn’t even asked you about but that I clearly needed guidance on. You told me about some minor challenges in my work and career life that are subtle to me, but that are ever so present, you are so right on, so wise to draw my attention to it. Things that had only been at the thought level for me about my work and about my husband...you illuminated it for me and were  spot on and it showed me where my focus is needed. Pointing me in the  right direction and towards the people (my husband, two sons and my work) that I so need to be looking at, no more looking back to a person of the past. Your accuracy in describing things is incredible and your loving kind nature is much appreciated. So, so glad I found you!


Rebecca Cleveland, Ohio (USA)


Hi Barbara,

Thank you very much for your soulmate reading. Everything you say resonates within me. I've heard several times from several psychics that I will marry in Italy with a man a little bit older than me and that we will have 3 children together. I was really amazed that you gave so much more details about him, his family, profession, his personality, how we will meet and even his name! I will email you right away when I've met him. You sound very kind and loving. I hear you really work from your heart. 

Thank you and bless you, Simone 


Barbara, I didn't expect much from our reading. That may sound harsh but I had readings in the past with so called 'psychics' and I sort of assumed you were the same because I didn't want to have any hope anymore. But instead you blew me away! You really made contact with my mother. You described her in detailed essence of who she was. I had weird goose bumbs the entire reading and a warm feeling through my body. I didn't tell you about my plans to start a business with my brother, you started to talk about this yourself. You are amazing! G.S from Singapore


Hello Barbara,

I am so glad I found you! I am very happy with your super beautiful reading, I keep listening to it over and over.

You helped me a long way and I found peace in your reading.

Thank you very much for this!

Warm and dear greetings,

C from Belgium


Hello Barbara!

I really loved your reading! I have never experienced anything like it! It really touched me. I think you really hit the nail on the head. When it comes to my spirit guide I also have really felt the presence of a man. I feel very connected to you and you sound so genuine and passionate about what you do. I hope that your amazing psychic abilities can see more and teach me more because this reading was truly amazing. I hope to hear from you soon!

Love, B from Norway



Thank you so much! So much love and joy coming from that reading. Thank you :)

Love and light, D


Dear Barbara,
Once again, thank you so much for your beautiful psychic channeled messages during our reading.
I am impressed and feel peace, resignation, trust, joy and love.
Love, S


Dear Barbara
I have really enjoyed our time together and each of the lessons. It has been quite a fascinating experience for me to discover the things about myself that I was unaware of!!! I intend to re-listen to your heartfelt words and wisdom when I finish the few (all good) things that have kept my steady attention most recently. I feel a heart connection and am so grateful to have met you thru Monique and her show. I look forward to more practice and developing my intuition. Thank you!
With love, L


Hello Barbara,

Every year I contact you for a reading. You gave me my first reading 17 years ago.

I am always pleasantly surprised that I don't have to ask anything. You always tell me what I need to hear at that moment in my life. Lovingly correcting, conscientious, always sharp and to-the-point. Most important aspect; everything happened what you have predicted. Especially when I didn't expect it anymore.

Top! Greetings, J. from the Netherlands


Dear Barbara,

I really enjoyed hearing my personal soul script from you! Wow!

I received much validation and confirmation for truths that resonate with me. I will continue to re-listen. Thank you so much for your

loving transmission.

With Love,



Good afternoon Barbara!

It has succeeded, she confessed! With 2 detectives. Fired immediately. Her husband called and told me that she is unstable. But I will leave that to my lawyer. It may sound harsh but I had so much stress for so long about not knowing who was constantly steeling from me that I don't care at this moment that she feels unstable.

I am really grateful to you and the guides that I now know which employee robbed me and that you said that I had to hang a video camera above her desk for 100% proof.


Hello Barbara,

I assume that things are going well for you. I wanted to let you know that all the things you have told me last year have become reality. My compliments, everything you told me what would come my way has happened or is set in motion.
My life vision has changed completely after all shit and challenges. It had to be that way.
I would like to thank you again for your input and you certainly helped me further. I will contact you again this year.


Greetings Ernest


Goodmorning Barbara,

I've had several readings with you. The first was in 2010. You saw a divorce. I sometimes thought about getting a divorce but I didn't tell you for it was only a thought in my head. It was the first thing you said to me. During our second reading in 2011 (year of my divorce) you told me that my daughter and I would move to a cozy little house. At the time you told me this, I didn't want to move at all but you were right again..... bizarre.

You always said that my ex wouldn't want to pay much but that I would take him to court and win. You were right again!

Chapeau Barbara for your profession! I wanted to share this with you.




Hi Barbara,

I wanted to send you a message to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading.
It has touched me immensely that things that I always 'knew', thus also prove to be completely true. Everything was spot on.

I've been busy with my spiritual and personal growth and your reading helps me enormously! I feel that I'm in a kind of transformation phase, phase of development and that I need to turn inwards from time to time.

As long as I can remember I feel that I am 'different' than others, I feel like I live my life on a deeper level. That also turns out to be true! What a special thing to know that I am clairvoyant, but it doesn't surprise me at all.

I also always have the feeling that I 'belong' in Europe. I just 'know' and I've said that to my parents many times, without being able to explain it in an earthly way.

But also the quick thinking and scanning of people and even the connection with the French language you talked about (I really 'have something with this language'). I have recently decided to learn French, without being able to explain this to myself. I just followed my gut feeling. Unbelievable you could sense this.

I will certainly take your advice to start meditating.

It has become a bit of a personal message, but I wanted to let you know that it turns out that you really understand your profession and that you have helped me tremendously. Thanks again.

Cheers, C


Dear Barbara,

Thank you for the reading.
The description you gave about my guide corresponds to the dream that I once had about him. And how lovely and special that my grandmother said hello during our conversation. I got goosebumps all over when you suddenly said: Maria is also here for you.
Writing is also a great passion and I have always wanted to live in Italy :). I think it's very special!

Greetings and good evening,


Dear Barbara,


I just listened to the recording of my reading again. (You have a very nice voice by the way.)
What a story. I'm going to let it sink in and then I'll probably have more questions!

But for now just thank you very much. This was indeed the push that I needed, the confirmation, the confidence that the direction I want to go is the right one. Continue with the development of my spiritual growth and leave the doubt behind me. Now I feel that I am ready for it. Whatever comes to me. With the intention to help others. So many confirmations that I am guided and protected. I just really enjoy this, it makes we warm inside.

Thank you very much!


Hai Barbara,

Gosh, what was our reading special this morning! I am completely in awe! Especially about that grandmother, that she accepts me... I really love that! So often rejected and then there is such a nice granny in Heaven who immediately sees who I really am!
And the rest was special too. The things about R grandpa, really incredible!

And it was notable, by the way, that I remember that years ago you had already said certain specific things about my mother-in-law. And now, years later you say exactly the same things again. You didn't realized you said this before but I did.
It was really nice to talk to you again and until the next time!

Very much love, N
(and R of course!)


Hello Barbara,

I would let you know if there is an Elisabeth in the family line of R. and a William. Well, the answer is: YES! Elisabeth lived six generations ago and she was born in 1806! So now we also understand your description of her dress.

And William is the great-grandfather of R. He was born in 1860. Very special that you pick it up so flawlessly Barbara. And also so exceptionally that there is so much help around us! :))


Love, N
(and R of course!)


Hello Barbara,

How nice! Funny that the recording came today, on the birthday of our daughter and actually I already knew that.
I am really impressed. What a recognition and what a nice messages! I can confirm everything you say.

Had to laugh at the end. You said my guide said 'Namaste' and bowed with folded hands. Exactly what I always do after yoga at home. I always say this on purpose. That he did that felt like a wink haha.

Thank you very much for this.

Dear regards, Freddie


Dear Barbara,

THANKS from the bottom of my SOUL for your Email reading.

It is nice to be able to feel so close to you and that you have been able to do this for me.
It was as if you were visiting me because you spoke instead of write!
It's so different to hear what you say than to read words, besides it's very nice to hear your beautiful warm voice.
I want to let everything sink in and I really enjoyed the healing effect that this gift carries!
Great thanks to my loyal guides and to you dear Barbara.

I wish you all Good, Light and Love with deep gratitude



Dear Barbara,
I had a reading with you yesterday and would like to tell you how much I value this. You quickly tuned into my energy and could immediately look closely at all the problems I'm dealing with right now.
So far I have found it very difficult to get an understanding about my issues with the narcissist(s) in my life when I talked about it. People around me do not at all understand the difficult process that can not be broken down quickly because it is so slowly ingrained. On the contrary, I get a lot of convictions and misunderstanding.
So happy that you can find that understanding, you really understand and feel it and have given me confidence again. Very grateful also for the tips. I know where to find you now.

Hello Barbara,

Thank you for your answers you gave me in your e-mail reading. And especially for the tools you gave, so that I can work on myself.
I will definitely do that.
I feel enormously helped by you, that gives me a lot of rest. And also that real love comes my way makes me very happy.

Thanks again for everything.

Greetings, Y


Dear Barbara,
Thank you for your clarifying conversation. You know how to perfectly highlight the subjects that need attention and you are clear and transparent. You know how to fine-tune things. Through your insights I have gained insights about myself. Energy and motivation remain after a conversation with you.
Thank you so much.

Dear Barbara,
Enormous thanks for your super-sharp look at what is happening right now in my process and in the process of me and my 'flame'. Sometimes I seem to go crazy, but you could really express very clearly what my challenges are and how we are intertwined in processes and energy. I thank you from my heart and continue the process with confidence. You are a down to earth person but at the same time very sensitive and empathetic who does her work from purity.
All my love, LP

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for the beautiful reading yesterday. I feel that all information needs to ‘sink in’, it was so much info and a bit overwhelming. You mentioned the name of a deceased woman who is one of my Spiritguides: Magdalena Elisabeth. And that she said to you that her son’s name is Henk. I searched in my family tree and I found her!!! She is related to my grandmother. She got married in 1928 and her son is indeed Henk and was born in 1929. They are both deceased. I never ever expected her to come forward during my reading with you.
I am very impressed and it’s very special to know that she is one of my Spiritguides.

Warmest regards, K


Hi Barbs,

I would like to write this review about you because you are a very good psychic. Like so many people, I wanted to know about love. Whether I would meet a nice man. You were very confident and convinced about your predictions and you gave so many details that I had serious doubts about what you said. But everything happended like you said it would. You said that I would go to a place where there would be a lot of grass and a lot of people. That I wouldn’t feel comfortable between so many people and that I would stand a bit on the side with less people around me. I really dislike large groups of people so I couldn’t imagine that I would ever voluntarily go to a crowded place.

You said that a man with blonde hair would walk up to me, wearing a T-shirt with bright colors. His name would be Frank or Franklin. And that we would fall in love. A few months after your reading I ended up unexpectedly at an open-air music festival. My best friend had one ticket left and persuaded me to go and somehow I said Yes. I guess it was meant to be. It was too crowded for me so I found a quiet place to enjoy the music. A man with blonde hair walked up to me, wearing a T-shirt with a large print of a rainbow on it. When he introduced himself and said his name is Frank, I suddenly realized that this was your prediction from months ago. We are together now for a couple of weeks and we are very much in love. He thinks you’re a scary person lol. It freeks him out that you can see somebodies future in such a clear way. I will definitely contact you again when I need your help.

Thanks and hugs, S


Hi Barbara,

I called you when I was unemployed and feeling down. You said that I would receive an invitation for a job interview within two months. And that I would get the job. You also said that the company would take a long time to make their final decision. You said that I shouldn’t be desperate about this because it would turn out positive for me.
You also said that in my future office it would sometimes smell very strange and nasty. You said; maybe your office is right next to the toilets and that it would be a good idea to put a scented candle on my desk. We laughed out loud about this funny information. The thing is... my company is quite close to a company that processes waste. And if the wind blows in a certain direction, we all smell it. It’s an awful smell. Every time I smell this, I have to think about you and laugh. I am so glad I called you back then.

Love, P


Hello Barbara,

You had contact with my deceased father and you gave alot of information about him. You also said that he showed you a medal or pin/award on his necktie. And that he was very proud of this. I couldn’t confirm this, I didn’t know about any medal or pin. So I asked my mother and she said he had been honoured for a project he had done in his younger years. She always kept the pin and has given it to me now. I've laid it next to his picture. I was very impressed about all the information you gave during our reading. Thank you so much!

Blessings to you, H


Dear Barbara:

I wish to thank you for the show this morning, and for taking my call during the show. I had also heard you on JIL and I could hear the love and compassion you have for each person that you speak with. Your desire to truly help them move in a direction that will bring them more joy and peace, without interfering with their "free will choice". THANK YOU! 
I didn't know what the show was going to be about when I called in, I received a lot of confirmation.

Love and light, RR



How do I show my gratitude to and for you?? When I hear your true voice, feel your true heart energy and know you have such a gift and so much wisdom.... I am able to go back to believing in myself... and the fears and doubts fall away... 
So, my words to you are my way of saying sincerely my utmost gratitude and appreciation for your Being!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have given to my Life.

Love Cindy


This review is from Amazon: We Are More Alive Than Most of the Living (Paperback) 

I always believed that I have Angels protecting me while being on this world. But after reading this book, I know for sure I have Guardian Angels. In this book, Sylvia de Witt interviews the famous medium Barbara Bandel on different topics. She talks about her "Guide", "The Concept of Coincidence", "Lessons", Animals" and "Messages from the Deceased" to name a just few chapters. 
I happen to read this book while I was coping with difficult losses. I lost a family member and I had lost both of my horses who where like children to me. After reading this book, which was "sent" to me by an Angel, I was able to cope better with my grief. There are very encouraging words in "Messages From the Deceased", telling me that, and I quote: "The deceased don't want your life to be determined by grief. They want you to move on and when you are ready, start enjoying life again". It helped me deal with my guilt too. 

I found this book an eyeopener on the interesting topic of life and death. I learned a lot about the afterlife. The book made me feel happier and confident that one will return to this world to learn more lessons. I also became more aware and appreciative of the world surrounding me.