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Welcome to my website. My name Barbara Bandel and I've been working as a Psychic Medium for more than 25 years. I've been invited numerous times on TV and radio, to talk about this beautiful profession and to give live psychic readings and audience readings. I also wrote a book about various interesting psychic topics and about what's it like to be a psychic medium.  

When I was young I often read photos for my classmates. Seeing dead people and communicating with my Spirit guides was normal to me. I loved to spend time alone as a child and talk to my Guides. Growing older I decided to find a 'normal' job and I became a secretary for a couple of years, but it never really fulfilled me. Giving psychic readings was and is my true passion. So I decided to help as many people as I can.  When I was young I couldn't find information about (trance) mediumship, psychics, readings or how to develop psychic abilities. A book here and there in the public library but that was it. How different times are now with the internet and psychic television- and radioshows.  

How do I work?

When I give a psychic reading I don't want to know anything about you. You can ask all your questions later on in the reading, but I always want to start. I focus on your energy and within a couple of seconds, your Guides tell me about you and your life. I repeat what your Spirit guides tell me. The guidance spirit offers.

It's very common that you don't even need to ask your questions because your Guides will bring forward the subjects you have questions about. They know your questions and what you are dealing with. They are with you every day, so they know your happiness and joy but also your worries and pain. They know you on a soul-level. You already knew your Main guide before you were born.


He or she knows what you want to learn in this lifetime. Who you want to meet, what you want to accomplish, how you want to grow as a human being and as a soul. Your Main guide knows the shortest route to all of this. Your Guides know your past, present and future. So the advice I receive for you, is tailor made advice. It's not common advice, suited for anyone. Your guides know how to get you where you want to go. And that route is different for every single person. You can ask any question you want, there are no weird or stupid questions.


When I give a psychic medium reading I don't want the information coming from different directions or different spirits. I open myself up and I find it very important that I feel safe at all times. That I know that the information comes from a pure and high source. I don't want any uninvited spirits giving me information that may be not correct. So a long time ago, I made the agreement with my Main Spiritguide that he is my 'filter' at all times. All the information first goes to my Main guide and he filters it and passes it on to me. That way I know that the information I hear, feel and see is coming from the highest possible source. So when I give a reading to you, your Spiritguides work together with my Main guide. If a deceased loved one talks to me, I know that my Main guide gave an O.K. to him or her to talk to me directly.


Your love life. I also receive information about why you haven't met him or her yet. I find this very valuable information because if you understand the reason why you are (still) alone you can get rid of your selfblame like; I am not good enough, I am not worthy of anyone, I will grow old alone, I am too old to find a partner etc. Blaming yourself or others, as well as any other chronic negative thought is harmful to your body and blocks the things that want to come to you. 

I'm a believer of Perfect Timing. That everything in our lives will come when all the components are exactly where they need to be.

I can look pretty far into the future, like ten-twenty years ahead. For us humans, one year sounds and feels like a long time. For our Guides and the Universe, one year is like turning a page.


I also find that it's important to take good care of myself, mentally and physically. I listen to what my body says and I work during those hours of the day when my ability to concentrate is at its best. It's not only that I have to concentrate, but I also have to change my brainwave cycle.

I don't exist when I give a reading. What I mean by that is that my personal view on life, my personal opinion, ego and the way I look at certain subjects, doesn't exist. You want a reading coming from the highest source possible, not a reading where I give you my personal opinion.

One of the things I love about giving online psychic readings is that I can tell you who you really are. You don't have a soul, you ARE a soul. I love to help you remember who you really are and why you chose to be born again.


Before you were born, you decided what you want to learn in this lifetime. You chose your parents, your profession, your soul purpose. Where you want to live and with whom. The color of your skin. Who you will meet, when and where. Soulmates make an agreement to meet each other again. 

You knew before you were born at what age become a father or mother. You've met your children before you were born. You knew everything. Everything. Take a couple of seconds to let that sink in...

And then you are born and you forget everything you knew. So that you can begin this new life with a clean slate. As if you've never lived before. But no information is lost. It's still inside of you. You can find all that information when you are connected with your heart. You can't find it when you are in your mind, your thinking. Meditating is a great way to connect with your heart.

Everything you did, every emotion you ever had, everywhere you lived, everyone you've met in every lifetime is stored inside of you, in your soul. That's why some people you meet can feel so familiar to you. Like you already know them. You do.

That's why it can happen when you go to a city or country you've never been before, you feel like you know exactly where to go. You have been there before in a previous lifetime. Some people, places or countries feel like 'coming home' to you. That's why some talents are so easy for you, like you already did this your entire lifetime. You did, but in previous lifetimes.