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Am I Psychic? 


I believe that everyone is psychic but sometimes this has faded into the background. While with others it comes to the fore, which makes you wonder: Am I psychic?

I have listed some important features and not all features will apply to you. But if you recognize the majority then you no longer have to doubt whether you are indeed a psychic or psychic medium. 

You feel energy easily. In houses, with people and situations.

You have a great interest in paranormal topics.

When you see someone for the first time, you know pretty quickly what kind of personality you are dealing with.

You sometimes see a small white or black ball (sometimes called: Orbs) moving from the corner of your eye. If you turn your head to the ball it is gone. These small balls are souls.

You feel that you are here on earth for a purpose.

You feel that for a small part you are your body and for the greater part you are your soul. And you also feel that you are eternal.

You can sometimes experience feelings of homesickness (especially when you were younger) but you don't know why.

You feel different from others. Often lonely and misunderstood. You can have a hard time connecting with others. You are longing for a real heart-to-heart soul connection.

You feel no need to belong. You are rather alone than trying to fit in into something you are not.

People often come to you for advice. You often know quickly what the solution is and what someone could change to resolve the situation.

You see details in nature and also the beauty.

You like to surround yourself with beauty: beautiful colors, soft light, flowers and plants. You instinctively feel that this benefits your sense of well-being.

You do not want to plan your week too full because you feel that you want to protect your energy limits. You may need more sleep than others.

You can really feel what someone else is feeling without having experienced it yourself.

You are happy when someone is doing well and you try to keep as much distance as possible from negative people and hostility.

You live consciously, you think about what you do in life, what consequences your actions have on yourself and on others. You are aware of the concept of Karma.

It is a natural thing for you to be of service.

You feel that you are not alone, that you are being helped and supported by your spirit guides and the universe.
You know that there is more between heaven and earth. That is a fact for you.

You have a constant need to learn and to develop yourself.

You are gentle towards everything that lives.

If you stare at a wall or in a candle, you feel that you are automatically moving to another level of consciousness.

You do not condemn because you know and feel that everyone here on earth is to learn and that one person is simply more mature on a soul level than another person.

You never stay in a victim role for long and you don't blame others for how your life is.

You know that you create your own life through the thoughts that you have.

You feel the power and manifestation of everything you say to yourself

after the 2 words: I AM ...


How can I develop my psychic abilities?