Psychic phone reading 


How do I work?


As soon as I hear your voice, I connect with your unique energy and your personal group of spirit guides, making each reading a deeply personalized experience. 

I repeat what your guides want to share with you, and they answer your questions about your present and future love life, relationships, work, career, children, and so on. 

Your spirit guides know where you are coming from, where you are now and where you want to go. You will receive profound insights into your situation. They give advice on what to expect in your future.


Uplifting and positive


Understanding that a psychic reading can be intimidating for some, I am committed to creating a safe and comfortable space for you. Your peace of mind is my priority.

My readings are not just informative, they are also designed to uplift and inspire you. I record the reading for your convenience, ensuring you can revisit the positive insights whenever you need.

There is no difference between seeing you in person or talking to you on the phone because I repeat what your group of spirit guides tell me.  


The cost for a comprehensive 30-minute* phone reading is $195. Please feel free to order your reading below. I work worldwide. I'll contact you right away to schedule a time.  *First-time callers receive 5 minutes free when purchasing a half-hour reading.


I look forward to talking to you.


Psychic Reading


Psychic Reading


30-Minute Psychic Reading.


Good afternoon, Barbara!

Barbara, I'm thrilled to inform you that we've successfully resolved the issue! With the assistance of two detectives and your invaluable advice, we were able to identify the culprit. She has been promptly dismissed. Her husband has mentioned that she's going through a difficult time, but I'm leaving the legal matters to my lawyer. While the situation may seem harsh, it's a relief to finally have closure after enduring so much stress from the constant theft. Thank you for your support. Best, Paul

I am really grateful to you and the guides. I now know which employee robbed me and that you said that I had to hang a video camera above her desk for 100% proof. 

Thanks! Paul



My friend passed on Barbara's details for a reading,
She connected me to my brother and we had the most wonderful connection,
She told me things about my brother nobody would have known it was so beautiful
We spoke about my business and I had amazing clarity on things,
Barbara is so on point, so loving and very genuine,
I would highly recommend Barbara for a reading, a fantastic experience.

Thank you so much Niamh xx