Psychic Medium/Mediumship phone reading


What is a Psychic Mediumship reading?


During a medium/mediumship reading, I enter a state of consciousness where the spirits of deceased loved ones can talk to me. 

I enter into this state of consciousness within seconds and deliver the messages. They share details about themselves, such as their names, personalities, how they died, etc. 

They also give much information about you and your (future) life. I repeat what the spirits say and share all the information they channel through me. 

You also get the opportunity to ask them all your questions. 


Spirit Guides


In addition to connecting with deceased loved ones, I can also tap into your spirit guide. Your main-guide is a spiritual energy that you have encountered in previous lifetimes and who has agreed to assist you in your current life. They can provide insights into the blueprint of your soul and offer guidance.

Understanding that a mediumship reading can be intimidating for some, I am committed to creating a safe and comfortable space for you. Your peace of mind is my priority.

For your convenience and peace of mind, I record the reading. This ensures that you can revisit the positive insights and messages from your loved ones whenever you need to, providing a lasting connection and comfort.

There is no difference between seeing you in person or talking to you on the phone because I repeat what your group of spirit guides tell me.  


The cost for a comprehensive 30-minute phone reading is $195. Please feel free to order your reading below. I work worldwide. I'll contact you right away to schedule a time.

*First-time callers receive 5 minutes free when purchasing a half-hour reading.

I eagerly anticipate our conversation and the opportunity to connect you with your loved ones and spirit guides.



Mediumship Reading


Mediumship Reading


Mediumship Reading 30 minutes.


Hello Barbara, 

Every year, I contact you for a reading. You gave me my first reading 17 years ago. I am always pleasantly surprised that I don't have to ask anything. You always tell me what I need to hear at that moment in my life.

You are lovingly correcting, conscientious, and always sharp and to the point. The most important aspect is that everything happens what you have predicted, especially when I didn't expect it anymore.

Regards, J.O.