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Psychic phone reading 

Here you can book your reading with me

What is a psychic reading?

I read your energy during a psychic reading. I can see-feel-hear what your future looks like. There is no difference between seeing you in person or talking to you on the phone. I read your energy and that happens by telephone in exact the same way as when I would see you personally.

During a psychic reading I answer all your questions about your love life, relationships, work, career, children and more. It's about your past, present and future.

I work together with your Spirit guides. They know where you are coming from, where you are now and where you want to go.

They give deep insights about your situation. They explain what you are learning and they always give the key to any problem. They give you tools, advice and what to expect in your future.

Uplifting and positive

A reading is always uplifting and positive. You are never stuck even though it can feel that way sometimes. You will feel the power and positivity from your Spirit guides.

 If you want to record your reading, there are (free) apps you can download to record our reading with your smartphone. I hear from clients that this works very well.

I also recommend to take a small break when the reading is over to let the information and the experience sink a bit. 

You can reschedule your appointment within 48 hours.

Looking forward to talk to you and your Spirit guides!





Here you can book your reading with me