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What is a mediumship reading?

The difference between a psychic reading and a medium/mediumship reading: during a psychic reading I will read your energy, your past, present and future. During a medium/mediumship reading I go into a state of consciousness where there is room for the spirits to talk to me and vice versa. I can go to this state of consciousness in seconds and deliver the messages.

You can compare it to a dream in which you meet a loved one. I think you've probably experienced this; a dream in which you dreamed very clearly about someone who died. He or she looks happy and healthy. It felt so real and you felt the love between the both of you. You also know that much has been discussed, but you no longer know exactly what when you wake up. When you dream you go into a different state of consciousness. You will then be in a state in which your loved one can make contact with you. I can go into this state while I'm awake.

During a Mediumship reading I connect with deceased loved ones. Share all information they are channeling through me, and you also get the chance to ask them your questions.

They will share details with you so you know for sure that I have contact. These details are names, their personality, how they looked, how they died etc.  And also a lot of information about you and your (future) life.

Spirit guides

I can also connect with your Main Spiritguide. This is a spirit you have met in previous lifetimes. He or she can tell you about the blueprint of your soul.

If you want to record our reading, there are (free) apps you can download to record our reading with your smartphone. I hear from clients that this works very well.

I also recommend to take a small break when the reading is over to let the information and the experience sink a bit.

You can reschedule your appointment within 48 hours.

Looking forward to talk to you and your Spirit guides!





Here you can book your reading with me