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Celebrities 2020

Updated Jan. 16th. 2020


Harry and Meghan will experience their new life - dividing their time between the UK and Canada - a bit easier, but the (mainly negative) press about Meghan will not disappear. They will experience more happiness and freedom in Canada.
Within a few years they will welcome baby number 2 and if they want, they can also expect baby number 3. Many years from now Harry will return to the UK and settle down and maybe even return as a full member of the Royal Family.

The eldest son of William and Kate; Prince George will play a very important (positive) role in the new world order when he is king. He is going to be crowned faster than expected.


In addition to acting and producing, Brad Pitt's other passion is architecture. I see him collaborating with others to create and design environmentally friendly houses and cities. And one of his children is also very interested in this and has the same talent as Dad. They will co-create beautiful things together.

George Clooney and Brad want to play together again in a movie and also produce it. One of his (Brad) daughters wants to become an actress. She will start in theater productions (probably under a pseudonym because she wants to be appreciated especially at the beginning of her career for her talent and not for her surnames) and then after a while she will also play in successful films and she will produce several movies. A very independent, intelligent and beautiful woman (inside and out) with a lot of acting talent.


Oprah Winfrey is going to write three different books that together form 1 whole. She is also thinking about writing a movie. There is so much information inside of her that wants to come out, that wants to be born. She feels this too. Sometimes this overwhelms her because a day only has 24 hours.

I see no ambitions to become president in the near future, because then she has to give up almost all her passion and that is exactly what her engine is; her passion. To share all the information that's still inside of her. Information she knows she can help many people with. She has a direct channel with the Universe.

What I really like about her is that I see that she regularly remembers what she was like as a little girl, she often looked at the stars, at the Universe. And when she thinks about her young version, she still can't believe how wonderful her life is. Many people claim they are grateful, but she really IS grateful.


Ellen Degeneres is thinking about moving and leaving California. Not in the near future, but she IS thinking about it. She has a dream about the place where she wants to live in the future with the people she loves and that is the opposite of where she now lives. I see a lot of outdoor space for big and small animals and it looks like a ranch.

She will continue her show for approx 5 years and then she will focus on other things. She wants a more relaxed schedule and I see that she also wants to focus on charities that she manages so that she knows for sure that the money will be spent properly.

Her spirituality is growing enormously and that will continue the coming years. She is down to earth but it is undeniable for her that she is starting to sense and see more than she did before. Meditating will do her very good during this period of growth and also things like, for example, Yoga.

She is helped enormously by her deceased grandmother who adores her. In the coming years she will feel more complete as a human being than she ever did. All the different parts of her will be fully integrated and that makes her a very happy and above all a complete person.


Beyoncé wants to do a World tour once more within a few years. I have the feeling that this will be her final World tour. Her creativity is ON; day and night. She often has the best ideas in her sleep and she writes them down when she wakes up.

She will - after she stops with big tours - be happy to continue performing for smaller audiences. She will always continue to write and record songs. Her children all want to enter the Show Business, and just like her own mother who always accompanied her, she will also be very closely involved with her own children and their creative careers.


Our favorite Taurus Adele lost a lot of weight. And that is not surprising because Uranus entered the Taurus constellation last year after more than 80 years. Uranus will stay in Taurus until 2026. We notice this worldwide but also personally. For  Taurus like Adele this causes a transformation: internally, externally or both.

I see that she is going to make 2 hugely successful albums in the coming years. Her voice will become fuller and more beautiful (is that possible?!?) as she gets older. She really likes to decorate houses and make them cozy. She has the talent to turn every house into a Home. She has a very good sense of color, color combinations, creating a style, the right lighting and so on. She wants to put her own signature in an interior. She has a pronounced taste that always radiates warmth.

Spain will play a role in her life in the future. She is going to fall in love with a certain area in Spain and spend a lot of time there with her new partner. He may be introducing that part of Spain to her. For instance that he has a house there or that one of his parents comes from that area. I feel that he is somehow deeply connected to that area.

I see that he has children from a previous relationship. Adele doubts whether she wants another child. If she wants another baby then I see that this is absolutely possible for her. She is a born mother.