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Committing suicide

What happens to your soul when you commit suicide?

There is a belief within some religions that people will end up in "hell" after suicide.

Or sometimes the opposite; that they enter "eternal Paradise." There is no hell nor paradise. What happens to your soul when you decide to end your life?


When you die, whether you commit suicide or not, you always return to Source energy. You look back on every encounter, every event, every decision, every emotion you had in your life, together with the spirit guides who guided you in your life on earth. What have you done in your life? Which life lessons have you learned? What have you done from your heart, in the name of love? What decisions have you made from negativity and negative emotions?

The big picture

You get a very clear and accurate picture of your life, everything becomes clear to you. After your transition you see "the big picture". The connections with people you had in your life and how that is connected to past lives and life lessons. The recurring patterns. When you die, your consciousness is complete. Our consciousness on earth is minimal. You return to Source and there is no conviction.

I believe that people who suffer and decide to commit suicide do not want to end their lives but they want to put an end to the suffering. And then suicide is the only solution for them. In every life you experience different ways of dying. Suicide is 1 of them.

Over the years in my work as a medium I have had many contacts with deceased loved ones who committed suicide.  Not 1 of them spoke of a hell in which they had ended up. They saw very clearly why they had reached their decision to commit suicide. And especially very happy that they were free...free from their mental suffering, confusion, depression, physical illness and so on. Just like I often hear deceased people speak about the happiness of being free from their sick body when they have had a (long) sickbed.

Returning to Source

They also see the sadness they have left on earth after their suicide. They often try to explain to the bereaved that there is no reason to be sad because they are now happy and free. They are now who they really are, a soul without suffering.

The path to suicide is also often indicated by the deceased as inevitable. Some of them also told me that they saw that the solution to their problem or problems on earth was so simple, but that they were blinded and they couldn't see that there actually was a solution. They don't feel sorry for themselves that they didn't see the solution. There is no 'woe is me' story.

We humans here on earth have free will in everything we do. And therefore also the free will to step out of life. Nothing or nobody in the spiritual world will judge this. Apart from the - often frightened - people on earth, who are taught that suicide is wrong and a one way ticket to hell. That our life is holy. That we are not allowed to end that ourselves. Yes, life is sacred and also a learning school. 

Master degree

In our many lives on earth, we experience various ways of dying. Each way of dying adds to the learning process of our soul. Someone who dies peacefully in his or her sleep is not a better person than someone who fights against dying or has a long sickbed. Those who condemn others also condemn themselves.

Because every person goes through the same emotional experiences during all lives on earth. We are all the same. The executioner is the victim and the victim is the executioner. The traitor will also have to experience what it feels like to be betrayed. We all have to stand on both sides of the fence to experience what it's like to hurt someone and what it's like to be hurt by someone. Of course that also applies to all beautiful and loving experiences.

Life on earth is often very hard and difficult to understand for many people. My Spirit guide calls life on earth: "very high-level exams, master degree level". There is much respect from the spiritual world for us souls who have taken on a body to have a human experience.