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Interview Talkies-Monthly Magazine December 2012 Medium Barbara Bandel about The New Aquarius Era.

Note: I gave this interview in 2012. Now that I am reading my answers again in 2021, I realize that we are now really in the middle of all the huge changes I talked about in this interview, almost 10 years ago. We are all in this together. Don't despair, for better times are coming, even when we cannot see them yet.

‘We are going to realize that everything is energy’

One person believes in a life after death, the other doesn't. One person believes in things that the eye cannot see and another doesn't. Yet everyone is curious about the intangible, the invisible and what the future holds. In any case, Talkies did and went into the wonderful world of the paranormal and received answers to pressing questions.

Barbara helps countless people worldwide with their pressing questions, but in the end we would not need this at all because all the answers are already in ourselves. Easier said than done because how do you find all those answers?

Barbara: 'When you are in balance. And you become balanced by meditating. By spending time with things that you like and love. By being outside in nature. If you are busy and stressed, sad or angry, then you get out of balance and the answer you are looking for cannot be clearly presented to you. There is a very wise saying: "Every person should meditate for ten minutes a day - unless you are very busy. Then you have to meditate for an hour every day."

The Age of Aquarius

According to Barbara you also come into contact with your Guide through meditation, because we all have Spirit guides too. Before you were born, you have made agreements with your Main guide about the lessons you want to learn in this earthly life and he will assist you in this.

After you die, you see what you have learned, what effect you have had on people, what karma you have brought into balance. But when are you finished with lives on earth? Barbara: 'You only know this when you have died. I always try to make people aware that they have to solve fights and arguments in this lifetime. Try to solve as much as possible - with yourself and with others -, to live as consciously as possible, to think as consciously as possible about every consequence that your actions may have. Don't run away from painful insights because that is where the greatest growth is for you as a person and as a soul. The most common lessons are about earthly emotions such as jealousy, rejection, patience, surrender, letting go of control, letting go of ego. About unconditionally loving yourself and others. To be as positive as possible in life. Realize that you become what you think. That you can shape and create your own life.’

‘The Age of Aquarius is characterized by unconditional love, living from our heart, 'We' instead of 'I' and following our intuition’

And then of course the question that a huge number of people are currently struggling with. The problems with health care. The problems with pensions. The problems with countries that are in deep, deep debt and are (almost) bankrupt. The increase of people with dementia and Alzheimer's. The arrival of 5G. The fact that we can no longer live without our smartphone, that we are being watched everywhere. Deforestation destroys the lungs of the earth, terrorism, the emigrants. People who don't know whether they are a man or a woman. It sometimes seems like the earth is on fire. Is this the end of time?

The end of time?

Barbara: ‘No, this is not the end of time. We live in very confusing times, that's absolutely true. What is fake news or not? Who can you believe? Your own intuition is always your best compass. How does it feel when you read something or you hear someone say something? Your heart will always indicate when something does or does not resonate inside of you. We have gone from the Pisces era to the Aquarius era. We are now in the transition period and this can cause a lot of upheaval. It will take many years before we are entirely in the Age of Aquarius and that the Pisces era is definitely behind us. In a nutshell, this means: from the 'everyone for themselves'- Pisces era, to the 'working together'- Aquarius era.

'We' instead of 'I'

The Age of Pisces was characterized by survival, striving for power, separation, competition, duality, selfishness, greed, poverty for many, materialism, the I-consciousness, living from the mind. The Age of Aquarius is characterized by unconditional love, life from your heart, cooperation in the sense of 'we' instead of 'I', following your intuition, no attachment to possessions, abundance for everyone, respect for nature and so on. But that will take a while. Because the energies of these eras now co-exist, we live in a time of great trials, both on a personal level and on a global scale. Just look around you; many people have money problems, relationships are under pressure, there is much pointless violence, the economic and monetary system is shaky, traditional beliefs are under pressure, those in power are exposed.

Follow our heart

People are now expected to change and follow their hearts. Suppose you are a lawyer and you defend certain people and in your heart you feel: this person did horrible things and I have to defend him or her, this feels not right what I am doing right now. I don't think I can look at myself in the mirror when I do this. Then you are being asked to change that. And that is not always easy. You have to move from an old belief (every person is entitled to receive help from a lawyer even when he or she is guilty) to a new belief in yourself; this doesn't resonate with my heart. This is what the Age of Aquarius is all about: living from your heart, in big and small things. Even when this means that your world will turn upside down and you have to reinvent yourself. Your heart knows the way to your greatest happiness. You have a choice to listen to your heart or not.’

We are very brave that we have chosen to be born in this age because it has

never been more challenging on earth than right now.

The coming years we will discover what consciousness is and truly realize that everything is energy and that a person is so much more than just his or her body and brain. Everything as we know it is going to change. From education, the pharmaceutical industry, the money and the banking system to governments is going to change completely, transform, fall apart and take on a new shape. We are now in the phase where the disintegration has begun, slowly but surely. This is a good thing and nothing to be scared of. We humans are very good at adjusting. People will come up with brilliant ideas to make this a better world to live in.

Being paranormal becomes normal in the future. Highly sensitive children are no longer misfits and the problem will end that many schools don't know what to do with 'children who are different' and therefore fall outside the current school system.

We are very brave that we wanted to be born in this age, now you have plenty of dust clouds from the two eras that merge into one another. But when the dust has settled, then it all becomes much easier, then the road is clear. We pave our way so that the next generations can reap the benefits. How beautiful is that?