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A growing number of people want to know why they are here, what their life goal is. How they can work on their development, be able to live more consciously. How they can make contact with their Guides. We have clearly arrived in a new era since 2012. And this will only become stronger and stronger. It becomes clearer to many that everything starts with yourself.
During every psychic reading I am deeply touched by the unconditional love, understanding and patience that the Guides have for us and the clarity with which the Guides communicate.

This 'work': giving psychic readings, never feels like work to me. It makes me very happy and grateful. With your Guides you have a highly intelligent team of energy around you that is only concerned with you and your well-being. Our body made of muscles, bones, organs and so forth is our mode of transport, but our soul is who we are in essence.

Your Guides know exactly what you want to learn in this lifetime, and how. They know where you come from, where you are currently standing and where you want to go in this lifetime. They are souls with which you have a deep soul connection, a deep friendship, often for centuries.


‘And someday in the mist of time

When they ask you if you knew me

Remember that you were a friend of mine’

Alan Parsons – Old & Wise