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Misunderstood children in the current school system and their desperate parents.

More and more often I speak to sad and sometimes even distraught parents who have questions about their son or daughter. Young children who run into major problems in primary school. Who cannot keep up with the pace of school. Falling behind with arithmetic or reading, and sometimes - in the eyes of the teacher - not participating sufficiently on a social level with the rest.

They ask me: why is my child lagging behind in school? What is going on?

They are often advised to move the child to another school (because the school is then relieved of the problem).
School does not know what to do with these children. There is no manual for it. They are very often seen as less gifted. A child must be pigeonholed by school. A label must be affixed so that the child's behavior is understandable and has a name. And there is a whole list of disorders to choose from.

How reassuring that must be for school that it is the child's 'fault'. Because suppose it is because of school? That is impossible. The school system has been working fine for so many decades, so the problem must be the child. That this is becoming increasingly common is not their fault, but perhaps it is their upbringing? (I hope you can feel my sarcasm in these sentences.)

A child is supposed to be able to do certain things at a certain age, according to the school system. If this is not the case, then the child is behind in the eyes of the school. But the opposite is true: the school system is lagging behind. But like all big and unwieldy systems, there is a lot of work to be done to change such an unwieldy machine.

"It's going to change into: school adapting to the child,

instead of the child adapting to school"

I occasionally hear from teachers who see this. That the child is not the problem, but the school system. So the beginning is here! Hallelujah!

What do I see - nine times out of ten -  when I look at a child who has problems in elementary school? I see an old soul. A soul that has been to earth many, many times and has built up an enormous wisdom of life. A soul that is stubborn by this wisdom (and I mean that positively), that is not distracted by people who cannot see him or her at all. And by "seeing" I mean being able to recognize the potential and wisdom in the child.
These highly conscious old souls are born and have to go to school. This is inevitable because everyone has to learn how to do arithmetics and learn the ABC and so on. But the child is not concerned with when he or she has a certain reading speed or know how to do arithmetics.

The child determines this. It is busy with completely different things that the child feels have priority over his or her soul growth. It will learn to read and it will learn to do math, but the child lets the feeling determine when it is time to do so. And that is almost always later than what school demands. And then the problems begin.


But an old soul cannot be told. He or she decides when. And that is the school system we are going to in the future. The child unconsciously / consciously knows that it will be able to read and calculate well in advance, long before primary school is completed.

My heart weeps for the grief of these children and their parents. They run into a wall of incomprehension. The child sometimes has to go to special education because the school thinks it has a learning problem. School has a problem, not these old souls.

More and more old souls are being born. They help to transform the old world, old systems that no longer fit in with the present time. More and more paranormal children are being born. In about 75 years, being paranormal will be the norm. Old souls like to associate with other old souls. At present, old souls are still in the minority. Young children with an old soul often have fewer friends because they prefer to interact with 1 or 2 other old souls than with 10 children who have a younger soul. Not from arrogance but from the fact that old souls like to deal with souls that have the same soul vibration, the same frequency.

When the old dies and the new is born, it is always accompanied by pain. And I have deep respect for these children who experience so much opposition and yet want to deal with this at such a young age.
It's wonderful for these children that when they finish school, they can spread their wings and be free from the tight straitjacket they have lived  in for all these years.

I also respect the teachers who see what is happening and who help to transform the old school system into the new one. I recently also heard from a client that she has found a private school where they see what the child is good at and stimulate that enormously instead of the other way around. These are positive things that I am very happy about. It is my desire that these kinds of schools are allowed to develop at a rapid pace all over the world. 

The best thing to do for parents, is to show their child as much as possible that they see who their child really is.
That there is nothing wrong with him or her. That they make them feel safe and secure at home. Once school is finished everything gets better. And at some point the generations after them will no longer have to experience this.

Today's young children are brave enough to pave the way for all the children who come after them. So that school becomes a positive experience for them.