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5 Reasons why you should walk out of a psychic reading

Reason #1. Don’t believe a psychic who claims that he or she can bring your ex-partner back to you. They also like to give you an exact timeframe like 24 or 48 hours. No one can make that promise to you. It’s up to the Universe and your lifepath if someone will come back to you or not. It’s a horrible feeling when your heart is broken. You feel sad, confused and not stable. You are the perfect victim for people who claim to help you get your partner back. What they do; they will perform a ceremony for you. Often in another country. Ofcourse they don’t but how can you check? You can’t. And even if you could check, a ceremony won’t make any difference. You have to give money so they can buy the animals or the materials that are part in this fake ceremony. And then, when you discover that your ex-partner is still your ex-partner once the 48 hours have gone by, they tell you they have to perform a stronger ceremony. What a surprise!!! Who saw that coming?!? They will use convincing words to give you false hope so you keep paying. Because you want your partner back. But the end of this sad story is that you loose a lot of money and no results. Use your instinct and your common sense. If things don’t feel good to you, walk away. These people and fake promises are an insult to your intelligence.


Reason #2. We all have karma to work out in life. Your soul has determined with which person(s) karma will be brought into balance and in which way. You have already determined this before you were born. If a psychic tells you that you have bad karma and that he or she can balance this for you, stop the session and leave. It’s about 100% sure that when the 'psychic' has solved this bad karma for you, suddenly more bad karma is seen. No one can balance karma for you except yourself. And you do that by living your life as conscious as you can. A reading with a real psychic is always uplifting and meant as a positive experience. Not to scare you.


Reason #3. Another big red flag: when a psychic tries to sell expensive items during a reading. Items that help you to clean your home or aura from bad influences or bad energies. For example, crystals that will cost you a few hundred dollars. You can buy very nice ones for a few dollars in a store that specializes in crystalls and gems. Hold your hand above the crystals or gems and choose one with your heart. Rinse them at home under the tap and do this every few weeks.

Before the reading begins, it must be clear to you as a customer how much a reading costs. It should also be clear what the additional costs are if it turns out that you want to continue for longer than the agreed time. It often doesn’t matter if the conversation lasts 5 or 10 minutes longer without charging extra. But if, for example, you want to talk for half an hour longer, it should be clear to you that extra costs are charged for this. And also how much.


Reason #4. Let the psychic do the talking, not you! It’s not okay if a psychic asks you all kinds of questions when the reading begins. This is called a cold reading. Cold readings commonly employ high-probability guesses, quickly picking up on signals as to whether the guesses are in the right direction or not, then emphasizing and reinforcing chance connections and quickly moving on from missed guesses.


Reason #5. A psychic reading costs a lot of energy. A psychic must concentrate deeply during the reading. He or she will like to work in a room where there is peace and serenity. No distractions. It’s a red flag when the psychic answers phonecalls during the reading or when people walk in and out of the room unannounced and unnecessary.  With a telephone that rings or people who walk in and out, it’s impossible for the psychic to concentrate for the full 100%.


A real psychic will tell you upfront about the costs, will not scare you or say that you have bad karma or a spell, won’t sell expensive items that you can buy yourself for a lot less, won’t ask all kind of questions, has his or her full attention with you: exactly where it should be.